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Cowboy Chicken Deals Specials

Cowboy chicken is as easy to make and as mouth-watering to eat. The breast part of the chicken is covered with the organic combo of corn, black-eyed peas, beans, bell papers that are sweetened, and a mixture of seasoning. However, the cheese and those topping off this one dish repast or meal put forward the taste and the level of excellence. This meal is not only popular for its delicious taste but also because this dish is hearty for a filling supper. In various ways, we can make this taste like cowboy chicken. Sean Kennedy is the CEO of Cowboy Chicken.

Cowboy Chicken Recipe

We all love Cowboy chicken. It is so mouth-watering as well as easy to cook. If we want to make this, then here is the process. To make the Cowboy chicken an ideal oven favorable baked supper, the dish was influenced by the taste of the dearest appetizer and revises the real Cowboy Caviar. 

Cowboy Caviar, the dip is put together from beans, black-eyed peas, sweet bell paper, corn and a few other bases. And all these ingredients are well immersed in the dressing mixture which is Italian. Commonly, we can make use of corn chips or Fritos to lift this heart dip to consume. The dish is astonishingly causing addiction and moth-watering.

How To Serve Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy chicken is a supper in and of as such with the liberal quantity of toppings that dampen the chicken. Cowboy chicken is a truly easy to cook dish supper. A quick easy dish meal. If we want we can keep extra side dish one or two with the Cowboy chicken.  We can set it with one of those side dish. It depend upon us how hungry we are, how much time we have in our hand, what our other family members likes etc. Those side dishes are-

  • We can keep Spanish rice as a side dish or it can be plain jasmine as well as cilantro lime rice. But Spanish rice is the best side dish with this meal.
  • We can keep cauliflower rice, plain Mexican cauliflower rice as a side dish. If we want a light option, then it will be the perfect option for us.
  • Baked potatoes or mashed potatoes are also a good option as a side dish.
  • Another side dish can be Texas toast.
  • A simple plain green salad is the best combo with this delicious Cowboy chicken, as salad is perfect balance of this dinner.

The Process To Make Cowboy Chicken

As I said earlier, Cowboy chicken is as simple as its goodness in taste. If we want to make this delicious supper, then here it is. I will describe here the full process step by step, so that it will be easy for you to have it.

  • At first, we need a bowl or dish. For avoid the overlapping, we need to put down the breast pieces of the chicken flat in the bowl. It depends upon the thickness of the chicken, if it needs to be cut or not. This actually assist them to cook faster and soak up the flavour.
  • Then we need to dredge the half of the Italian dressing mixture over the chicken breast. There we need to remember the difference of the Italian seasoning and the Italian dressing mixture. Here we need Italian dressing mixture. If there is no problem of gluten then it will be better if we use homemade Italian dressing mixture. It is a quick recipe. We can buy it or can make at home.
  • Here we need to make sure that we drain all the toppings to avoid the additional liquid to the dish. Now here is the mixing time. We need to mix all of the ingredients such as beans, veggies together with the oil, garlic. And here we can add the remaining lime juice and the seasoning.
  • Now we have spread the mixture over the chicken. 
  • And here is the baking time. We need to bake it uncovered at 375 for 45 to 50 minutes. Before the 5 minutes of the finishing time we need to remove the chicken and dredge the cheese over it and let it be melted. We can also add the cheese over it earlier to get it crispier.

Now our delicious Cowboy chicken is ready to serve. 

We Can Utilize The Leftover Cowboy Chicken

We can make several tasty suppers with those Leftover Cowboy chicken. We can make it interesting without let someone know that it is the same dish by some easy tricks.

  • Cowboy chicken Burritos: At first, we need to take the leftover cowboy chicken and cut it into piece, then scoop into a huge tortilla dredge with the sour cream. Then add a spoonful rice and some toppings and cheese and sliced avocado. Our dish is ready now. 
  • Cowboy chicken Enchiladas: At first we need to finely chop the leftover cowboy  chicken, then mix it with some toppings. Next we need to mix it with the corn tortilla and after role it up we have to place it in a baking bowl. And pour some red enchilada sauce and cheese over it. Now the baking time. We have to bake until the cheese is fully melted.
  • Cowboy chicken Baked Potatoes: At first split the potatoes and bake it. Then finely chop the leftover cowboy chicken. And mix it all together with those toppings. Then over the each potato we need to scoop a heaping spoonful and spread the cheese. Now broil on a low in the oven till the cheese is melted. Now take out from the oven and serve it with a dollop of sour cream and green onion. 
  • Cowboy chicken Power Bowls: At first we need to finely chop the leftover cowboy chicken and then mix it all together with the leftover toppings. After that, we need to make a full bowl quinoa. And top with the leftover cowboy chicken and fresh guacamole, some cut up lettuce and a dredge of cheese. Now our delicious food is ready.

We can refrigerate the leftover cowboy chicken throughout the week and throughout the month if we keep it in freezer. 

Cowboy Chicken Menu Deals

Cowboy chicken provides new special lunch menu at $7 every day from 11AM to 3PM. They have posted their offer menu on Facebook and their official website. They also provide Kids Eat Free deal on Mondays, Family Meal Deals to fees 4 on Wednesday after 4PM for $20.

Kids Eat Free Mondays: To get this offer we need to obtain an adult entree. Now it is also accessible for delivery, pickup, and dine in order. For the freebie we can use a promo code- 

We can use a promo code- CCKEF, if we are ordering online. 

Cowboy Chicken Family Deals: IN cowboy chicken family deals, we can get chicken brisket for 4-6 person.

  • At $30 Chicken meal for 4 persons, we will get 1 full chicken, 3 TX Wild West Sides, and 4 Wheat Rolls.
  • At $35 Turkey meal for 4 persons, we will get 1 ½ Ibs of sliced turkey, 3 TX sides, rolls and a side of gravy.
  • At $39 Enchilada meal for 4 persons, we will get 9 Enchiladas, 3 Texas Sized Sides. And based upon our choice we can order roll or chips and salsa.

The popular Cowboy Chicken offering the special deal. Don’t be late. Enjoy the mouth- watering food.

Cowboy Chicken Deals Specials – Know More

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