“My Life As Dolls”

Nowadays, it is very difficult to entertain children – the more engaged the life of the parents, the harder it will be to take care of the children. But the development of children cannot be compromised, and it is important to keep them happy. Girls have a very deep affection for dolls and their accessories. “My life as” is a brand with an eye-catching and colorful toy and doll collection ruling the market with millions of buyers. But the question is, how can children be kept happy and satisfied by getting out of the world of these mobile gadgets? Know more about My Life As Dolls

"My Life As Dolls"

How do “My life as” dolls make your girl so fantasize about their creativity?

This product is the best gift for your little sister, daughter, and granddaughter. My life as a “doll” is engaging because of their realistic creativity. If we talk about the creativity of this product, a doll, from its eyes to its hairs, every feature seems very realistic and grabs your princess to his fantasy world.

Product detail

This brand is amazing for its varied collection of products. Especially the dolls, which is one of its signature products. These dolls are made by Citi toy. The design of this doll is based on quality material, which leads to the product’s long life. The construction of their features is so realistic as its magical eyes, which are skillfully created the resemblance of the real-life Hollywood Barbie girls. If we talk about other features, one of the main features to describe a doll’s beauty is its hair which is beautifully colored and tied by the artist. Its hair is made of a material that is easy to comb, and your princess can change it as she likes it. Moreover, the product contains other accessories like a beautiful collection of outfits, a little handbag to make it more charming, and some contain glasses and hairbands which are loved and admired by your little princess. Like physical features, its body parts are made with great flexibility from which you can easily bend the doll’s arm and legs. 


Their pricing status is not so high or low, but they are relevant according to their material quality and product features. According to Walmart, the main market for these products, its average price starts from 20$ to 30$ which is very cheap and reliable. There are some more price ranges less or more than this average according to the size and features of the product. Then if we talk about other markets places like Amazon and ebay, the prices are a little bit high but similarly according to the product. You can also find these products on other marketplaces and their social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, etc. 

Related Queries

Does this product have an age limit? Not because this is a harmless product, and due to its material quality, it is not easy to tear so that you can gift them to your newborn and your teenage daughter.

  • How much does it is the cost on Amazon?

On Amazon, it costs about 20$ to 50$, but this average is not fixed. It may vary from product to product as per its size and features. 

  • In which countries this product can deliver?

They can deliver their products all over the world. But the most relevant countries for fast delivery are the USA, Canada, and surrounding areas. In other countries, the delivery may take more time, but it can approach worldwide.

  • Is any harm from this product to a newborn?

Not so harmful because of their best material quality, it can’t be torn up easily. Still, you must be careful because the product contains some tiny accessories that your baby can swell.

  • Does My life have any official websites where we can buy and see more details about this product?

No, it has no official site, but you can find this market on Walmart.com, the central marketplace for this product. Moreover, you can buy these products from other market sites like Amazon, eBay target, etc., or you can also visit their social media sites.


So the final word is that “My life as” dolls are the best gift for your little princess. It is a very reliable and long-lasting toy due to its material quality, and you can buy it easily from Walmart and Amazon.com. It is the best toy for your child to make her engage in her fantasy world. There is no doubt in the manufacturing and designing of these products as they are constructed with all the skillful artists and by using quality material. So we can say it is the best product to make your princess’s fantasy world. None other than “My life as dolls” will be preferred by anyone now.

“My Life As Dolls”

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