Does AT&T Accept Bitcoin? – Know More

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used for transactions and regulated by a decentralized system. People are concerned with the issue of how cryptocurrencies can be used for transactions. Let us know More about how does AT&T accept Bitcoin?. In this article, we have helped you answer some of the questions bothering you about Bitcoin and its usage.

Does AT&T Accept Bitcoin?

Does AT&T accept Bitcoin? 

Yes, in March 2019, AT&T became the first mobile company to accept that its customers use Bitcoin for payment. The transactions are managed by a third-party payment processor called BitPay. 

Which company is AT&T?

AT&T stands for American Telecommunications Technology. AT&T provides internet, wireless networks, cellphones, landlines, and digital television services. According to Wikipedia, it is the largest telecommunication company in the world. In addition, AT&T states that their customers can pay with bitcoin and other currencies, showing that Bitcoin is gradually being recognized and used for real-world transactions.

What is Bitcoin?

Are you wondering what bitcoin is and how it is used? As stated earlier, it is one of the cryptocurrencies and a digital currency in the same way the dollar is a currency worldwide. The same applies to bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Though they are decentralized, meaning any government does not regulate them, there are still guidelines and companies that govern the use of these digital currencies. 

Which companies accept payment in Bitcoin?

Some other cryptocurrencies are being used for payments and subscriptions by some companies and stores. We help you curate some of the companies that accept bitcoin.

Microsoft: Bitcoin is accepted for your Microsoft account subscription. 

Wikipedia: They accept cryptocurrency as donations.

KFC Canada accepts bitcoin for the exchange of bitcoin buckets, though it is for a specified time.

Overstock: They accept bitcoin for customers who purchase big-ticket items at their store.

Amazon: The biggest online retailer in the world accepts bitcoin pay using a third-party app called 

ExpressVPN-accepts bitcoin for customers who use their service to surf online discreetly.

AT&T provides customers with the opportunity to pay their telecom bills with the use of cryptocurrencies.

Alza, Travala, the Pink Cow, Helen’s Pizza, and other stores that accept bitcoins for transactions.

How do I pay for my telecommunication bills at AT&T using Bitcoin? 

AT&T has made the payment of bills through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies very simple by contracting the payment service to BitPay. 

BitPay is a distinguished cryptocurrency payment processor that helps people who hold digital currency transform their money into dollars. To use BitPay, you have to have a crypto debit card. 

Here are the steps you need to take to pay your AT&T bills. 

  • You can visit the AT&T online site or download the My AT&T app. 
  • Create an account (for first-time buyers) 
  • Sign in to your AT&T account
  • Go to your profile account 
  • Hit the Billing and Payment bar. 
  • You will see the make your payment button with your bills displayed. 
  • Select the Make a payment button. 
  • Select the payment mode. 
  • Select BitPay and follow this video for further instructions to pay. 
Which other cryptocurrency can I use to pay my AT&T bills?

Since there are several cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin, you can use any, but it’s based on the policy that BitPay uses. As for information, there are stable cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and the rest. It is better to trade these coins than others. Check here to learn more about which crypt currencies you should have for your bitpay wallet. 


AT&T is a well-known telecommunication network. With the use of bitcoin as a mode of payment for bills, they have been able to answer the long-awaited question of their customers with crypto wallets. Also, this is a credit for the digital currency as it now influences the world currency and payment system.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How do I use the BitPay mode of payment? 

The first step to take to pay your telecom bills is to register and have a BitPay crypto debit card. This card will enable you to pay for all your crypto transactions, not only AT & T. 

2) I can’t seem to make my payment using BitPay. What do I do?

The first thing to do is to ensure that your wallet has enough funds for the payment you want to make. Also, check for charges and the pay rate before embarking on the payment. 

3) What do I do if I see a transaction error?

If you know the amount in your wallet, you can refresh your payment page or log in again. Also, you can contact AT & T support for any problem you encounter. 

4) What cryptocurrency payment processor app does AT&T employ?

AT&T uses BitPay processor apps for customers who want to pay their telecommunication bills. Once you have a BitPay debit card, you can automatically pay your bills. 

Does AT&T Accept Bitcoin? – Know More

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