IMDb Launched A Free Streaming Service

IMDb launched free video streaming, an ad-supported platform for the viewers. IMDb video platform was initially called Freedive (January 2019) which is now renamed Amazon Freevee (April 2022). This free platform has gained recognition worldwide because of some original amazing shows. All the free content of the platform can be viewed on any device. Let us learn about IMDb Launched A Free Streaming Service

IMDb Launched A Free Streaming Service

IMDb launched a video platform in January 2019. This platform is free for the viewers, however, comes with some ads in between. No paid subscription is needed. All the popular movies and TV shows are free for the viewers. The platform is available on Android, iOS, Computers, and Amazon Fire TV devices. Name a movie you want to watch and you will likely find it on the Freevee. The active users have now tripled in the past two years. The makers have said that they are going to expand the original programming by bringing exclusive content to the platform. With some basic ad breaks, the app is constantly adding many exclusive TV shows.

Top Movies And TV Shows To Try On Freevee:

Midnight In Paris:

With an IMDb rating of 7.7/10, the movie is worth watching. The movie is about a man’s trip to Paris and his unique revelations. While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée, he discovers a way to deal with writer’s block while he was roaming on the road at midnight. He then finds himself mysteriously going to those days of the 1920s he loved every midnight.


Played by Ryan Reynolds. The movie is about a former special agent’s life. His life turned tremendously when a scientist disfigured in the face and gave him some superpowers. He made a mission to hunt down that man.


An original Amazon series. The Series is based on a detective called Harry Bosch, who follows justice. The Series is based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels. He is haunted by his past and struggles to keep his career moving.


A movie directed by Christopher Nolan. The main character has a short-term memory loss. Still, he remembers the murder of his wife and the reason for his memory loss. He seeks vengeance for her death but he is not that innocent.


Previously a TNT series, a group of con artists trying to help people is an amazingly executed show to watch on Freevee.

There are many more originals like Alex Rider, Moment of Truth, My Dirt Road Diary, and many more.

How To Get Freevee?

This IMDb streaming service is available on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and PC. The app is currently only available in the USA and UK but is expanding to Germany and many other countries.

Freevee is also available on Smart TVs.

Just download the app from the store and create your account or log in. Then enjoy hundreds and movies and shows for free.

Benefits Of Getting Freevee:

The platform is completely free. Users can enjoy many of their favorite movies and shows for free without any charge.

It is easy to use. The layouts are straightforward. 

Many popular movies and shows plus some acclaimed original series are easily available. With more than 3000 collections of movies, there is plenty of choice for the viewers.

This application comes pre-installed with Amazon Fire TV Stick. Freevee is easy to spot as it is available on the home screen with other applications.

The information about the cast, and characters is available along with the movie or series in the form of the Amazon X-Ray service.


Now we have learnt “IMDb Launched A Free Streaming Service”, and this IMDb free video streaming platform is an amazing option to save some money and at the same time some popular movies and TV shows, plus good originals. But as the platform is ad-supported which can be frustrating sometimes. So, if you prefer time over money then Freevee is not for you. Still, a great platform to try because there is no cost. The platform is currently running only in the US and UK but is expected to expand because of the increasing demand. All the viewers longing for free content should try this platform.


Is Freevee included with Amazon Prime?

Users don’t need an Amazon Prime subscription to use Freevee.

Is Freevee free?

Yes, the platform is completely free for the viewers.

How do I get Freevee on my TV?

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick then Freevee is already downloaded on the TV. You will see it along with other apps on the home screen.

Do you need a Firestick with a Smart TV?

There is no need for a Fire Stick if you have a Smart TV.

How does Freevee make money?

The advertisements that come in between the movies or shows are how Freevee makes money. 

Does Freevee show subtitles?

Yes, there are subtitles on Freeview.

Is Freevee the same as Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid video-streaming platform whereas Freevee is a free ad-supported streaming app.

Is Freevee available on Apple TV?

Yes, Freevee is now available on Apple TV.

Does Roku have Freevee?

Yes, users can install Freevee on their Roku device.

IMDb Launched A Free Streaming Service

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