How To Cash Out On DoorDash With Fast Pay?

If you’ve only been ordering with DoorDash, the name DoorDash Fast Pay may be alien to you, but if you have, are, or decide to “Dash” for DoorDash then you should have heard of or used Fast Pay. Know more about How To Cash Out On DoorDash With Fast Pay?

How To Cash Out On DoorDash With Fast Pay

Driving for DoorDash, full time or per time provides an opportunity to earn money with a flexible schedule and independently at that.

With weekly pay, rather than the traditional monthly pay, DoorDash is surely the ideal source of income but situations do come up and these situations require funds sooner than the scheduled payment time.

In times like these, when you need money ASAP and might not be able to wait till payday, you can easily turn to DoorDash Fast Pay.

Cashing out on DoorDash

DoorDash normally pays its drivers weekly on Mondays, for deliveries carried out from Monday to Sunday, via direct deposit but these payments may take a while to reach your bank account.

 All you have to do to receive your weekly pay is to set up an auto direct deposit to your preferred bank account.

Another way of cashing out on DoorDash is through Fast Pay.

What is DoorDash Fast Pay?

Similar to Lyft’s Instant Pay and Uber’s Express Pay options, Fast Pay is a DoorDash payout option that allows delivery drivers to be able to cash out all their earnings instantly if they’re unable to wait till the payout day. 

Introduced in July 2018, this DoorDash option has a small charge fee of $1.99 per transaction so it is advised that you should use this feature less frequently or only during emergencies.

Note that with Fast Pay you cannot cash out earnings for a Dash that you are still on, you can only cash out a Dash delivery when it is over and you are not online on the app.

Setting up DoorDash Fast Pay

The Fast Pay option let DoorDash drivers cash out their deliveries once a day and can be easily set up but before this can be done, some requirements have to be met and they include:

  • You should have completed 25 deliveries. This can be done within 2 weeks and it means that the Fast Pay option does not apply to first-time Dashers.
  • You should have an active DoorDash account
  • You should have worked as a Dasher for at least 14 days since hiring day.
  • You should have an already setup bank account
  • You should have linked your (government-issued) debit card not a prepaid card
  • You should have waited for 7 days after linking your debit card to your DoorDash account. The company uses this period to process your banking details.

       Note that if you alter your debit card details, you’ll have to begin the 7-day waiting period again. 

This 7-day waiting period is also seen as a way of controlling fraud in the sense that a scammer can’t log into your account, add their debit card details, and cash out your earnings immediately. 

After the above-listed requirements have been met, you can begin to set up your DoorDash Fast Pay by:

  1. Open the DoorDash app
  2. Navigate to the Earnings tab in the DoorDash app
  3. Select ‘Banking information ‘
  4. A list of payout methods will be displayed (including direct deposit)
  5. Select the ‘Set Up Fast Pay ‘ option
  6. Add your debit card details

Do note that when you update or re-enter your card details, you’ll restart your 7-day waiting period.

Cashing out on DoorDash with Fast Pay

Since you now know what Fast Pay is and how to set it up, you should have an idea of how cashing out on DoorDash with Fast Pay works, however, let’s go through it again but this time, intentionally.

To cash out from DoorDash using Fast Pay, you ought to have a minimum of $1.99(since this is the charge fee, per transaction, of the company) in your DoorDash account.

Cashing out on DoorDash with Fast Pay can only be done once a day so it’s advised to use Fast Pay after your driving shift so that you can cash out your complete earnings with customers’ tips included.

You cannot use Fast Pay to cash out an order that is still in progress so if you’re delivering an order on Thursday, you have to wait until that order has been completed so you can cash out your full Thursday earnings. 

Follow the below-listed steps to cash out on DoorDash using Fast Pay:

  1. Open the DoorDash app
  2. Select ‘Earnings ‘
  3. Click on ‘Deposits and Transfers’ from the Earnings menu
  4. Your total earnings since your last payout will be displayed.
  5. Select ‘Transfer’ and wait a while for your earnings to be transferred to the debit card that is linked to your DoorDash account.

Can’t cash out with Fast Pay?

If you are currently unable to cash out your earnings using Fast Pay, below are some assumptions of what could have caused this:

  • Since Fast Pay can only be used once a day, you might have used up your option and will have to wait for another 24 hours.
  • If you updated or re-entered your card details recently, you’ll have to undergo the 7-day waiting period before you can use Fast Pay again. 

In case the above-listed assumptions do not relate to your issue, then you should consider contacting DoorDash customer service for help.

Final words

DoorDash delivery is considered an awesome source of income and now that you know how to set up and cash out using Fast Pay, you can easily cash out sooner than your payday.

How To Cash Out On DoorDash With Fast Pay?

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