How To Register My NOL Card?

Dubai has seven modes of transport, and it can be hectic for you to register different cards for each model. NOL card saves you the hustle as you can use it to pay in all seven modes. Let us know ‘How To Register My NOL Card?’.

How To Register My NOL Card?

The register process is relatively easy if you can access an NOL card. All you need to do is open the wallet, press the plus button, and then click the transport card you want to add. 

I Recently Got My NOL Card. How Should I Register?

Step 1: Open Wallet

Step 2: Touch the plus button next to all transport cards.

Step 3: Click on the transport card you wish to add

Step 4: Touch digitalize physical card

Step 5: Touch continue

Step 6: Wait for the registration to complete.

Advantages of Having An NOL Card

An NOL allows you to travel across Dubai as fast as you want. You do not need to make any stopovers to access cash or another transport card. Apart from this significant green flag, there are more advantages to having an NOL card.

Use In Retail Stores.

Did you know you can use an NOL card in a retail store? If you forget cash at home or want to impulse buy something you saw in a retail store, an NOL card is the way to go. Burger King, Gloria Jeans You can use an NOL card in retail stores such as Circle K, among others.

Cab Transport Fare

If you urgently need to catch a cab in Dubai, you can use an NOL card to pay for the cab fee. Riding a taxi without cash in Dubai should be your most minor worry. However, note that this payment costs you an extra service fee of DH 1 on your cab fare.

Parking fee

An NOL card will save the day if your change is insufficient to cater to your parking fare. Use your card by inserting it into the ticket slot and buy a parking ticket. Looking all over your pockets for fare change is like a forgotten case.

Entrance Fee In Dubai Parks

If you love adventure, you want a lifetime solution for your travel and expense payment. With an NOL card, you can quickly pay an entrance fee to Dubai parks, including; Zabeel park and Creek Park. 

When To Get A NOL Card?

Accompanied by valid documents, you can get an NOL card if you are age five and above. For instance, students between 5 to 23 need a personal photograph and a copy of a valid Emirates Identity Card. 

What Are The Various NOL Cards?

Gold NOL Card

You can use a gold card on the metro, water bus, parking, and tram. This NOL card is valid for five years, and you can get it up to AED 5000. Also, you can top it up in ticket offices, ticket vending machines, and authorized sales agents across Dubai. 

Red NOL Card

A red NOL card is not so different from a gold card in terms of features. You can use this card on the water bus, metro, parking, and tram. The red NOL also has a validity period of 90 trips but has a lower top-up limit of ten journeys. To top up a red NOL card, visit an authorized sales agent or do it online. 

Silver NOL Card

A silver NOL card is an economical, polyvalent card that you can top up with a limit of AED 1000. The card has a validity period of five years, and you can top up at any location, including online, ticket vending machines, and authorized sales agents.

Blue NOL Card

A blue NOL card allows a top-up of up to AED 5000 and a balanced recovery if stolen. Blue NOL also offers a secure online service that you can use to top up. You can carry your blue NOL card to pay for metro, buses, water buses, or cab transport. 

When To Use A NOL Card?

As we have seen above, you can use an NOL card for many purposes. However, we would recommend you use their specific uses with each card. 

A gold NOL card is the best option if you like going in luxury. Also, use this card to escape the metro rush and get a gold-class cabin. 

Use a silver NOL card if you are a Dubai resident wishing to fix all your transport stopovers. Use this card if you are a tourist willing to overstay your visit to Dubai. The fare will be economical with a silver card. 

If you are cutting on your budget, the perfect card to use is a red NOL card. With its limit of 5 daily passes, a red card will help you stay on budget.


An NOL card is suitable if you wish to escape carrying many cards or cash. Register an NOL card is easy using the above steps. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does NOL card work?

An NOL card is viable for use across Dubai in all your transport and retail stores.

Why should I use an NOL card?

An NOL card saves you from carrying too many transport cards. The card also helps when you do not have enough change for a cab or parking fee. 

How To Register My NOL Card?

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