Where To Buy Carnival Gift Cards?

When choosing a gift for a loved one, you want to think of the experience they’ll have using it. You want a memorable present that would delight them and prove durable over the years. If you are wondering what kind of present would fulfill these conditions, why don’t you consider a carnival gift card? With the value of these gift cards ranging from $100-$1,000 these gift cards are pricey only if you want them to. Aside from easing your loved one’s need to carry cash around, carnival gift cards are also quite flexible. As the owner can go for a spa treatment, a groovy cruising experience or a series of thrilling shore excursions, these gift cards lets them choose their present. Whether you are gifting yourself or someone else, you’ll get all the places you can purchase a physical carnival gift card that you can wrap up or an e-gift card you can send by mail. Where To Buy Carnival Gift Cards?

Where To Buy Carnival Gift Cards?

Where To Buy Carnival Gift Cards?

Apart from Carnival’s website and onboard Carnival Cruise Line fleets sailing within the US, there are other places you can Buy Carnival Gift Cards . In this article, we’ll be looking at some of these locations. It would make your journey much easier if you called these stores to check if the cards are available before you drop by.

  1. PayPal 
  2. Gift card granny 
  3. Shop ‘n Save 
  4. Office Depot/OfficeMax 
  5. E-Gifter’s


If you want to mail the gift card to your loved one, buying online is a much more preferable option than buying from a store. With PayPal, you can read up on the terms and conditions of purchasing the gift card before deciding whether the purchase is for you or your loved one.  After, you can enter their email address and even slip in a personal message. Then you can add the purchase to your cart and click the “Buy Now” button.

Gift Card Granny

Getting a carnival gift card with Gift Card Granny rewards you with a 1% cash back. So for every $100 gift card you buy, you get $1 refunded to you. Aside from this, Gift Card Granny has a selection of $100, $200, $300 and $500 available. There is also a ‘quantity’ tab that allows you to buy cards for multiple loved ones. You also have the option to check your Carnival gift card balance in case you’re not sure if you still have some spare cash on your gift card.

Shop ‘n Save

In contrast to stores making Carnival Gift Cards available online, Shop ‘n save chooses to sell them physically. If you’d  like to slip in a gift card into a birthday present or a mother’s day gift pack, then you could try buying one from any Shop ‘n Save outlet near you. Bear in mind though, to call the store to check if the card denomination you want to buy is available or not. You don’t want to take a futile trip to the store.

Office Depot/OfficeMax 

Office depot  one of the on-site spots for buying a Carnival gift card.  Since the cards are not available online, you’ll have to search out the nearest Office Depot/OfficeMax store near you.


Quite unlike other stores that sell other products in addition to gift cards, E-Gifter’s sells only gift cards. E-Gifter’s is an online store that specializes in selling, sending, storing and managing your gift cards. Apart from this, they also make available discounts on their website with promo codes you can use before you checkout. The values of carnival gift cards available range from 0$ to $1,000 so you can always adjust the price with no restrictions whatsoever.

One thing that makes E-Gifter’s unique is the E-gifter membership reward system. As a member, you earn 100 points on every dollar you spend and these points can be used to buy other gift cards in future. This way, you save up for gift cards as you buy in the moment.

Carnival gift cards usually do not have expiry dates but cards given as promotional benefits- those offered as incentives by companies or given as prizes- may come with an expiry date.  So it’d be a great choice to check if gift cards given as promotional benefits have an expiry dates or not- you shouldn’t think you have a valid gift card when you don’t. 

You want to make sure the recipient is going to sail on a ship having USD as the working onboard currency. This is because the gift card can’t be used on a ship using a currency aside from the USD.

Remember, you aren’t just buying a gift card- you are buying them a rapturous experience that would remain in their hearts for a long time, if not forever. 

Where To Buy Carnival Gift Cards?

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