How to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Sculpted faces, branded clothes, a filthy rich mansion, and the people residing in it that get to make a living out of posing in front of the camera while they go on about their sparkling million-dollar life. Let me introduce you to the snarky, feisty housewives of Beverly Hills. Do not be fooled by their squeaky clean outer appearances, they sure do know when to begin a battlefield over the most simple comments. Here we will see about How to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Around 60 % of people in the united states of America have decided to cut the cord. So the answer still lingers where should we go to watch it. You can save your energy looking that up because we will be providing you with a list of all the streaming platforms where you can watch the catfights of kyle and Yolanda uninterrupted.

You can watch it on hayu, Hulu, Netflix(s4 and s5), peacock, amazon prime, and bravo TV.

How to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Bravo tv

 You have to first sign up and then link your TV provider for streaming full episodes and live TV to your heart’s content.

Your TV providers can be among anything mentioned here: Sling, Youtube TV, Spectrum TV, Fubo, or Xfinity Choice TV.

Apple iTunes

Watch the hottest releases of the housewives of Beverly Hills on iTunes at just $2.99 for watching it in HD. There are two seasons available that you can either buy or rent.


You can watch season 4 and season 5 of the housewives of Beverly Hills on Netflix for only $9.99 a month. The shows can be watched on two screens at the same time, for example, they can be accessed on your phone and your tablet.

Amazon prime –

The showstopping galore of wealth and extravagance is still going at it in the newest season of the housewives. What are you waiting for? Get amazon prime video on your device as soon as possible. You can enjoy your favourite housewife show at just $14.99 per month on amazon prime video.


Bored as hell on a Saturday evening and don’t know what to do. Start the Hulu app and watch the housewives of Beverly Hills at $11.99 per month.


An app that is just as amazing as the previous ones, where you get to choose what are you watching among a huge selection of spell-worthy episodes of the housewives which won’t allow you to leave your seat in front of your laptop. The monthly pack starts at just $6.99 per month.


You can take a standard plan that can amount to $4.99 a month. Hurry up, the show’s not going to be forever on this.

Google play 

             You can also buy any season of the housewives at $19.99 from the movies and TV section of google play.

S4 Highlights:

• The fight between kyle and Yolanda

We see at the start of season 4 how Kyle is still upset with Yolanda over her denying the fact that she is a liar. Yolanda called Lisa a piece of trash which sparked a lot of fury between the duo while Lisa was mostly unfazed. This incident led Kyle to not check up on Yolanda who was sick with Lyme disease for an entire year.

• Yolanda’s daughter Gigi and Bella

Yolanda has two daughters who are a fresh part of the modelling industry. It seems to me that Yolanda favours Gigi over Bella in terms of her modelling career as she fits the European beauty standard quite well.


The real housewives of Beverly Hills are nothing short of a concoction of romance, friends, family, and perhaps a lot more backbiting and selfish gossip. We saw the different ways that we can enjoy these favourite shows of ours. We know that after giving this article a go, you won’t need any further persuasion from us to jump at your couch to marvel at the aesthetics of the people and the houses.

Frequently asked questions

1) Who are the cast members of the real housewives of Beverly hills?

Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Eileen, Yolanda Hadid, Kim Richards, Carlton Gebbia, etc are members of the real housewives of Beverly hills s4.

2) Why is this show so famous?

The show is made by keeping in mind the cream of the crop tax bracket. Rich people are rare to find and not a lot of us can attain that. That’s why it is so fascinating to watch these millionaire people go about doing their daily chores and even their annoying habits are infectious to watch as they are living the life that so many of us want.

3. What is the highest salary a housewife in Beverly hills has ever made?

Denise Richards who starred in seasons 9 and 10 of RHOBH made around $1 million each season.

4. What was the highest-grossing season in the history of the housewives of Beverly hills?

Season 12 has around 1.15 million views according to entertainment weekly.

How to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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