Most Exciting 2022 NFL Week One Matchup


NFL extended as the National Football league is a professional league in The United States of America. It consists of around 32 teams that have been equally divided among the two football foundations, namely the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football League (NFL). It was founded 101 years ago on September 17, 1920, in Canton, Ohio, in the United States. Its commissioner is Roger Goodell, and the team of Los Angeles has won the most recent titles called Los Angeles Rams. However, the 13 times title winner and the greatest of all is the Green Bay Packers team. Let us learn about ‘Most Exciting 2022 NFL Week One Matchup’.

Most Exciting 2022 NFL Week One Matchup

For many people out there, football is a game of strength and technique, and for any others, it is a game of fun. It is according to the person thinking to describe any game. However, football is a game that involves two teams of 11 players who tries their best to put their ball into the other team’s goalpost while their defender tries to defend it. The team that could do the most goals has finally been announced as the winner. For this football fever of people in the country, The United States founded NFL, which is held responsible for the national football game every year. Let’s know more about the games this year!

NFL Games In 2022-:

The NFL (National football league) games for the year 2022 will be the 103rd series of games to be held through the NFL. All the lovers of football sports are waiting for the games to begin. So! Here is the good news for them the 2022 NFL games are scheduled to begin on September 8, 2022. The dates for regular-season games are from September 8, 2022, to January 8, 2023. However, the playoffs will start further between the teams from January 14, 2023, onwards. The semifinal is scheduled to be on February 5, 2023 in the Caping world stadium, Orlando, Florida, followed by the finale scheduled on February 12 2023 in state farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona.

The games of 2022-23 will be quite interesting to be watched as there are a y changes in the teams, their players, positions, and even their strategies. So! Hold your breath high as the excellence of football is about to begin.

List Of The Most Exciting NFL Week One Matchup-:

With the release of the date for the NFL games, the fans of different teas are excited to know when their team will start playing in the regular season matches. Here is a list gave some of the events to happen in week 1 of the games which will be surely exciting for the fans to know and watch. Let’s have a look at what waits for the fans at NFL.

Denver Broncos At Seattle Seahawks-:

This Monday night primetime football match is worth everything to see for the fans as here Russell Willison will be playing against his former team. From the other end, Drew hocks will be administered playing against his former team. It will be interesting to watch as both the players will want their teams to let them know the consequences of trading them. Fans are excited to see which one of the two will be able to revenge back on his team. 

Las Vegas Raiders At Loss Angeles’s Chargers-:

This is the very second game of the first week at NFL which is sure to entertain at interest the fans at its best. Davante Adam and Derek Carr who have been known to play very well together and have not played together for a long time will be seen playing together again in this match. It will be even more interesting from the prime-time matches as Khalil Mack will be seen playing against his prior team who traded him off. Also, fans will get to see the compatibility of the two players again.

Buffalo Bills At Loss Angels’ Rams-:

The biggest game of the season to be watched by the football fans is the very first game itself. With the enthusiasm of being the very first game of the season, it is also seen to have Von Miller who will be opposing the team with which he won the super bowl the last season. It will be interesting to watch how the teams change their strategies to overcome each other’s good points and use weaknesses. Also, the spirit of sportsmanship will be seen clearly.


Now we have learnt “Most Exciting 2022 NFL Week One Matchup”, After reading a short description of the games to be held in the 1st week of NFL going the fans have their NFL Tickets can feel the air of interest and enthusiasm. The changes in teams and their players have made the games and strategies more exciting to watch. It can be concluded that NFL gaming for the season 2022-2023 is going to hit off the grounds with their very first match and will be the best one. So, let’s wait for September 8 for this journey of craziness to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-:

Q1) Which is the first match of NFL games?

Ans1) The first match of NFL games is going to be between Loss Angeles Rams and the Buffalo bills at SoFi stadium on Thursday, September 8.

Q2) What is the special term used for the first game of the NFL?

Ans2) The special term used for it is “The national league kickoff game”.

Most Exciting 2022 NFL Week One Matchup

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