Indian Healing Clay- Know More About It 

A global population of 9.4% is affected by Acne and skin problems such as eczema. Acne is affecting more people in reality, whether the severity is low or high. Many turn to heavy medications and chemical treatments, which destroy the skin barrier and elasticity of the skin in the long term. They also neglect to think about testing a straightforward method first.. A natural remedy is slow in its process, but it is much more effective and safe. This is where Indian Healing Clay comes into the picture to rescue those suffering from acne or even slight skin problems such as pesky red pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. 

Indian Healing Clay

Indian Healing Clay claims to be a powerful facial treatment that helps in removing dirt or dead cells from the pores and unclog them. It eventually prevents pimples from occurring as it cleanses the face effectively. This article will discuss its benefits and drawbacks, effectiveness, ingredients, skin type, how to use, price range, and availability. 

What is Indian Healing Clay from the Aztecs?

It is among the most well-known therapeutic clays worldwide. People with acne use it to clear out their skin of any impurities. The Aztec Secret mask claims to be a seven-day treatment that clears acne and other skin issues. However, knowing if it works is very much important. 

Which skin type must use Indian Healing Clay?

Since it mentions clay as its primary ingredient, it simply means it will suck out toxins and oil from the face. So, if the skin is dry, the clay will suck excess moisture from the face making it even more dehydrated. And dry skin may trigger acne more.

Therefore, people with dry skin must avoid this mask and look out for alternatives or something that is not too drying on the skin. For example, a simple homemade mask of Besan (Gram Flour) and Turmeric gives you similar results and is far more gentle on the skin. 

What advantages or benefits come with utilizing Indian Healing Clay?

Indian Healing Clay reduces not only skin problems but also hair-related issues. The benefits of utilizing it include the following:

  1. If you are bitten by insects, poison oak, ivy, or hives, bentonite clay can provide relief if applied to the affected area. It also diminishes rashes.
  2. Reduces the appearance of eczema and other skin rashes issues.
  3. Reduces acne and small pimple bumps.
  4. Minimizes large pores and evens the skin tone.
  5. When the clay is applied to hair, it makes it soft and shiny. 

What are some of the drawbacks of utilizing Indian Healing Clay?

There are some drawbacks or side effects in addition to the benefits. The following are some of Indian Healing Clay’s drawbacks:-

  1. Too much drying- Although the clay absorbs toxins and oil, if applied regularly without required break, it will be too much drying for the skin. Redness- After using the product, your skin may appear red but is considered normal.
  2. Disturbs pH balance- If you stop using the product, your skin will return to its previous condition but dry and moisture lost. After regular use, the pH balance gets disturbed, which results in increased oil formation and comedones. It takes a month or a few weeks to get the balance back.
  3. Not for dry skin- People cannot use it as they may experience more dry skin.
  4. Uncomfortable- When the clay dries up on the skin, it feels irritated and dry. 


Indian Healing Clay has many uses, and after understanding what it does, it’s worth a shot. It may not work for dry skin but may do wonders with people having oily skin. Using it daily can do more harm than good, so using it once or twice a month will not dry your skin too much and will not disturb the skin’s pH balance. As we all know, ‘ Too much of one thing is not good, this product explains it well.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the price of Indian Healing Clay?

For 454gm, the price of this mask is $12.99. However, you can get it at a discount on Amazon. 

  1. Where is Indian Healing Clay available?

It is mainly available on Amazon

  1. Are there any other brands available other than Aztec Secret?

Yes, many other brands are available, but Aztec Secret is quite famous internationally and considered the best among others. 

  1. When to apply Indian Healing Clay?

Indian Healing Clay mask must be applied once or twice a month on any day. But after washing off the mask, a good thick layer of moisturizer is recommended. 

  1. What are the ingredients used in Indian Healing Clay?

Aztec Secret claims to use only one ingredient: Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay or Green Clay. 

Indian Healing Clay- Know More About It 

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