Buying Skincare on Amazon

Taking care of our skin is an important part of our life, and it’s hard to decide where to buy good skincare products? What brand should they use? Isn’t it too risky to purchase skincare products online? The topic is ‘Buying Skincare on Amazon’.

Buying Skincare on Amazon

Many of us agree that when buying anything online, we search on Amazon to see whether we could get it cheaper. Amazon is an E-commerce platform recognized as the world’s most valuable brand. There are 60,000+ Skincare products and 2000+ Skincare brands available on Amazon. So, let’s find out how reliable it is to buy skincare on Amazon.

The best part is that you can find many famous brands of skincare products on Amazon.

How to buy Skincare on Amazon?

Nowadays, Shopping online has become an essential part of everyone’s routine. Amazon is filled with millions of skincare products and finding the reliable one can be difficult. So, here is how to search for good skincare products on Amazon.

  • Visit Amazon’s official website or Amazon app and select beauty and skincare. 
  • Top skincare brands are displayed for you to shop.
  • Avoid third-party sellers as their products are unverified.
  • You can also search for specific brands or read customer reviews and ratings before you try any skincare product.
  • Compare the pricing at online sites because Amazon skincare isn’t less costly.

Things to remember when purchasing skincare products

Many buyers are concerned about the legitimacy of skincare products. When buying it from Amazon and many feel insecure about the quality and price. There is no privilege of comparative assessment of the product. But there are some ways to purchase a good skincare product.

  • Read customer reviews: It is always beneficial to buy products that have well over 25+ reviews as it will help you get a better idea of how valid the customer’s experience with the product was. Look for photos uploaded by customers to check the originality of the product.
  • Professional Beauty” Tag: Amazon has a unique tag for first-party sellers. If you see such a tag on a skincare brand, know that Amazon has taken responsibility for its authenticity.
  • Read the item’s description.
  • Check the seller’s reviews and shipping costs.
  • Try buying from first-party sellers: First-party sellers are more trustable than third-party sellers since their products go through a vetting process by Amazon, which also takes care of its sale and shipping. At the same time, third-party sellers are all on their own and have their shipping and sales process. There is no assurance of how authentic their products could be since they are exempted from the quality check by Amazon.

Top skincare products on amazon

Following are some top skincare products that have gotten great reviews on Amazon and are rated as “must-try.” Please keep reading to find out what they are and where they belong in the price range!

  • EltaMD UV sunscreen – This broad-spectrum, SPF 46 UV clear facial sunscreen is a hit for being transparent and super light,   almost invisible on the skin.
  • Paula’s Choice exfoliating toner – It has 2% salicylic acid, which is the main component for unclogging pores, shrinking them, and even smoothing out the skin tone. Highly absorbent and highly lightweight.

Priced at: $11

  • REN AHA tonic -A gentle exfoliator to bring out the glow on your skin.

Priced at: $38

  • cleanseCeraVar – A salicylic acid and ceramide-based cleaner, developed with dermatologists’ help, gently exfoliates and clears the skin out without stripping it of its natural oils.

Priced at: $9.87

  • Neutrogena water gel – This is a must for people struggling with oily skin as this hydro-boost moisturizer has a water base that hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.

Priced at: $18

Amazon Skincare products return Policy

Check the product’s expiration date as Amazon has an excellent return policy where you can also return the product within 30 days of delivery for a complete refund /replacement.

To know more about the Amazon Return policy, you can refer to the link given below:


Amazon is not very safe for skincare products if the productfroms of a third-party seller and not some known brand. Most of the time their products are unverified. So, if you are purchasing skincare from Amazon make sure it is of a specific brand and not some random seller. Also, it can be pricey if it’s a famous brand. so, if you are buying any skincare product from Amazon don’t forget to compare the pricing to get the best deal. 

Buying Skincare on Amazon

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