New Republic Shoe Reviews

The uniqueness of the New Republic brand lies in the ability to produce refined styles with modern yet classic features. A brand of men’s footwear that speaks luxury and proves how affordability can meet the standard .The brand is known for its luxurious and timeless styles which keep up and exceed recent trends and expectations with quality materials. The New Republic boasts of the production of comfortable, stylish, luxurious and affordable wear. Lets know about New Republic Shoe Reviews.

New Republic Shoe Reviews

Why New Republic Shoes?

The New Republic, having been founded in 2016 by a fashion industry mogul of over 30 years, Marc McNairy, has indeed the men’s footwear market through unique fashion shoe trends and releases.

Through collaboration with some of the footwear big names such as Adidas, Timberland and Garnett Leight, to mention a few, the brand has worked with many innovative and creative designers. 

The quality and standard are top-notch and it is a product for the public and not just a few, hence corroborating the name – New Republic. The brand makes use of sustainable materials to attain quality and durable products. Each shoe crafting is done elaborately to produce the best and personalized craftings are available. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of New Republic Shoes

To attain a proper review, it is necessary to look at both the attractive and unattractive parts of the shoe and accessories brand.

New Republic is famous for its luxurious products which are at the same time very affordable. They are also branded with quality which makes them a household and trusted brand.

Another attribute of new republic shoes is their long-lasting ability, people who like to buy shoes that can last for over 3 years and still look good should try shopping for new republic products.

With its operations being down in china, this has made it easy for the products to be sold at affordable prices which do not in any way reduce the quality of their products.

New Republic has free shipping attractions in the United States and this makes it easy for locals to have their goods shipped to them in their various states across the country.

The brand has spread its shipping reach to 26 countries and aims to reach more in the future.

On the other hand, the brand has a disadvantage due to its limited reach. It lacks a physical retail service so buyers can only make orders online. In cases where buyers face issues during purchase, they become agitated and in cases of mistaken deliveries, return procedures become a hassle.

One key issue the brand faces is that of shipping fees to countries other than the United States. The shipping costs are high and discouraging that many interested buyers may change their minds when considering them.

It is no secret that the band performs its production in China, this association has often been a disadvantage as many people try to avoid China-made products.

While they have an active online presence on all social media platforms with responsive customer service, the fact that they have no physical store which people could go to and experience is a huge disadvantage and something they must work on.

New Republic Footwear Review

With products ranging from sneakers, boots, trainers and kicks with leather, suede and textile materials, the brand has made a statement in the men’s footwear industry. A review will be done briefly on three products from the brand.

  • Bowery Canvas Sneakers

This is known for its comfort and multi-functional appearance. It is suitable for informal and casual outings and priced at a suitable range.

  • Kurt Leather Sneakers

The highlight of this sneaker brand is its white-coloured products. It is a masterpiece with its handmade signature sewing and unique outlook. It is a brand favourite for its comfortable feel and classy outlook. It comes in several sizes

  • Stanton Recycled Suede Slip-on Sneakers

With its elegant suede look, it also has comfortable padding which is not evasive and it betrays the flat appearance it presents by being the most comfortable to wear for hours without issues. The brand made a statement with its comfortable and affordable yet elegant shoes since its inception.

Special Reviews

  • Sizing: After evaluating the reviews of buyers online, it has been deduced that the company tries its possibly best to meet all sizes of its customers. The offer is as low as 7-12 and also sizes from 12-15 (American size). This gives the customers insurance that they would get just their style in their size. Also, in cases where an order is being made, only available sizes would be uploaded to not disappoint customers afterwards. 
  • Promotions and Discounts: An offer of discounts through codes is occasionally made public on their website. Customers are then able to make orders on their preferred products with perks of a 10-20% discount on them.
  • Sales System: They currently do not have a chain of retailers who propagate sales across the country and beyond. However, they have active online service and responsive customer service that meet the need of customers. They also have their products available for sale on Amazon.
  • Shipping and Return Policy: Shipping fees are at no cost within the United States but range at different costs in the 26 countries the brand operates in. The return policy is set to 14 days and can be requested for or initiated by chatting with a service provider or sending an email. Customers are the ones who ship back returned goods to process refunds and this can be done within 5-10 days.

It is important to consider many factors when shopping for a particular brand, reviews on products and services help potential buyers and users make wise decisions.

New Republic Shoe Reviews

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