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Nothing is as important as an easy life; getting things done with less stress and effort. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home and getting to place orders or buy items online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Sweet right? This good life is what postmates offer. Postmates is one of the bests delivery applications like the Grub hub, Uber eats, etc. that allows you to make orders for food right from your room and get it at your doorstep, without any risk or the feeling of insecurity.Know more about Postmates Promo Code

Postmates Promo Code

Postmates delivery service was founded in 2011, before being acquired by Uber in 2020. Their major local delivery is for restaurant-prepared meals and other goods. Postmates offer promo codes for their customers to allow them to buy goods at cheaper price and rate. As of today, promo codes include saving $10 sitewide when you order with postmates, without any minimum spending. Customers also have the option of saving $25, $5, and many others. There is a wide range of promo codes to enjoy, visit the site to learn more about how to win these codes and how to use them.

How to get Promo Codes

There are different options and ways to get the Postmates promo codes. To get the Promo codes, you can choose to subscribe to their newsletter and use June to receive the latest promo codes. Another option is to visit the Los Angeles Times for the most recent Promo codes for your active postmates delivery order. These are the recognized and legal ways of getting the promo codes. Interestingly, promo codes can be used from any part of the world, provided delivery services are active in your country.

How to Use Promo Codes

If you are interested in using the Postmates promo code, it is compulsory you download the application. The promo code is easier to use on the mobile application. Here are steps to using the postmates promo code:

  • Open the mobile application
  • You will find a person icon at the upper left-hand corner, tap the icon. 
  • Go down to the bottom page of the application, and select promos and credits.
  • Kindly fill in the promo code and tap done.


Payment by customers is completed after an order has been placed. In most cases, customers will first pick up their food or item that was delivered, before proceeding to pay for the food using their debit cards. If you are using postmates coupons, you must copy and paste whatever code you get during an entire checkout process. If your coupon is valid, then your code will be active, except the code is specially designated for new users or specific restaurants only. 

Promo codes for existing customers

Promo codes are not only applicable to new customers, it is also available to exist customers. These promo codes are available in Los Angeles. With this postmates promo code, you can get free deliveries for a large number of orders or possibly get a discount on your orders. If you are an existing customer, ensure you check new coupons for returning customers and postmates available user promo codes at the Los Angeles Times.

 Friends Coupon

Amongst the long list of coupons available at postmates, there is also a coupon for new users to refer a friend. This means, that if you were referred by a friend using the application, you will receive a $10 delivery credit for your first order. Immediately after your friend completes their first order, you will get a minimum of $20 delivery credit for your next order. Summarily, you get a $20 delivery credit while your friend gets $10 for being referred to use the application. 


Postmates is one of the best outlets with great delivery services. They ensure customers’ convenience by offering great services that are easily affordable. In a bid to make things better, they offer numerous promo codes and coupons to make customers enjoy the services of Postmates. You can get a list of all available promo codes on the official website. Postmates is the right place to be, their application is easily accessible and convenient for use.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Postmates only deliver Food?

No, Postmates does not only deliver food. They offer a variety of delivery services in around 2,940 cities in the United States. They have a good order service, that makes it easy to make as many orders as possible. 

  1. Does Postmates offer Black Friday Coupons?

Yes, as Black Friday approaches for the year, customers can get prepared for another day of great sales. Postmates is expected to offer their shoppers great deals and offers on free food delivery or first order for new users. Last year, shoppers were able to save a minimum of 10 % on the Black Friday Sales.

Postmates Promo Code – Know More

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