How To Rate Doordash Drivers?

The rating of a DoorDash driver is done after a customer receives the item ordered. This rating shows a driver’s performance after delivery is done. If a customer is satisfied with your delivery and how you attend to them, then you can be assured that you will get a good rating from your customers. If as a Doordasher your rating is not good enough according to the company’s standard, then be assured that it will affect your account which could lead to a deactivation of your account. Let us know ‘How To Rate Doordash Drivers?’.

How To Rate Doordash Drivers?

As a Customer, every DoorDash driver needs your rating. To rate a driver is not difficult, it can be done as soon as you get your order. When you want to rate a driver after delivery, you can give them a rating from 1-5 stars. This simply indicates that the driver did a good job and it can increase their payment.

How Can You Calculate The Ratings Of Drivers? 

Customers are allowed to rate DoorDash drivers a different number of times. Below are the following ways a drivers rating is calculated by DoorDash:

  • Rating From Customers

Customers are permitted to rate drivers with a five-star or lesser. A five-star rating is the highest rate that a driver can get from you. The rating is only given after delivery.

Please note that your ratings are not based on the quality or taste of the food you give from the company, it is based on the delivery service which you get from the driver. Every DoorDash driver should be able to maintain a good rating from customers to avoid being deactivated.

  • DoorDash Rate Drivers On How Early They Deliver

The company calculates a driver’s rating based on how early they deliver food to customers.

Although there are no provisions made for early delivery ratings, this can add to the driver’s rate from the customer if the food order is delivered earlier than the expected time.

  • Delivery Completion Rating 

This rating is also calculated based on the delivery percentage a driver completes from orders made by the customer.

How Does Rating a DoorDash Driver Work?

Rating a DoorDash driver can be done with your mobile device; all you have to do is download the app to the device. The settings on this app are different and easy to operate.

To rate a driver, all you need to do is log in to your account and then tap on the orders tab on your DoorDash app. Once you click on it, you will see the orders you have made so far there you can rate the drivers.

Rating a DoorDash driver works in a very easy way once you get your food order simply rates the driver as feedback to the company. When a driver gets a positive rating from you, it will increase their income from the company and they will be rated as a top dasher; but if a driver gets a negative rating consistently, they will be deactivated from the DoorDash app.

How Can You Get a Higher Rating As a Driver?

As a DoorDash driver whose rating from customers is low, you can work on yourself to get a high rating from your customers.

For your high ratings, you can follow these strategies:

  • Accept Orders That You Can Delivery Quick

A DoorDash driver, it is good you accept orders you know that won’t take you much time to deliver. Some locations where you need to deliver the food could be very far from where you are, so be sure that you can deliver it on time or refuse the order so it doesn’t affect your rating for customers.

  • Receive Orders

The more orders you receive and accept, the more rate you will get from customers. Do not worry if your star ratings are less than 5 stars, the more orders you accept, the more you stand the chance of getting a high rating.

  • Good Communication With Customers

If you can communicate with your customers properly, you will get a high rating from them. Your communication with the customers is very important.

  • Follow All The Instructions

As a driver on DoorDash, you should follow all the instructions while delivering an order. When you carefully follow all instructions, it will help you gain more ratings from your customers as you serve them.


Every customer has the right to rate a driver on DoorDash and you can give them any number of ratings you wish. Also, have in mind that the rating is for the services they offer you while bringing your food to your location. Any default in your food has absolutely nothing to do with the driver which should not affect your ratings on the driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make a Complaint To DoorDash About a Driver? 

Yes! You can make a complaint about a driver to the company’s customer care representative through live chat, or you call them.

Can Your Ratings Be Seen By The Drivers?  

No! The company’s drivers are not allowed to see your ratings through the dashboard.  

Can The Ratings Affect Driver’s Payment?

No! Customers’ ratings do not affect a driver’s payment. 

Can a Negative Rating From a Customer Affect The Driver’s Payment?

No! Whether the ratings a driver gets are positive or negative it doesn’t affect your payment.

How To Rate Doordash Drivers?

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