Shipping Service By UPS

United Parcel Service or UPS, is an American multinational shipping company. UPS headquarters lie in Sandy Springs, Georgia. They are serving all over the world and were one of the Fortune 500 among all large companies with the highest revenue. UPS is the world’s largest shipping courier service and has a retail chain, UPS Store that assists shipments to small businesses. UPS has earned annual revenue of $97.29 billion in 2021, which was a 15 % increase from the previous year.

UPS shipping is the most popular courier service, with the largest revenue earned- $85 billion in 2020. It also provides air shipping overnight or on a two-day basis. UPS reports to US Domestic Package Operations, International Package operations, and Supply Chain and Freight Operations.

Shipping Service By UPS

Domestic Shipping Regions Of UPS

UPS services in the US have several tiers and kinds of delivery, depending on the number of days, distance, emergency, and time constraints. UPS delivers to post boxes with the name SurePost, which is a subsidiary and posts to US Postal Service for last-mile delivery. UPS delivery services is ahead of DHL and FedEx. Their main international hub is in UPS Worldport, Louisiana, Kentucky, the fifth busiest airport in the world.

Here are the different services offered: –

  • For day delivery- UPS Ground
  • For less-sensitive express shipments-for ground or air shipment- UPS 3-Day Select
  • For packages needed within two days-UPS 2nd Day Air
  • For shipments required overnight-UPS Next Day Air– This is split into three types. These are- Next Day Air Saver, Next Day Air, and Next Day Air Early 
  • For the fastest services and delivery to all 50 states-UPS Express Critical

International Shipping Types

There are many international packages offered by UPS that deliver to 220 countries around the world. Although this service is based on international boundaries, they have many divisions according to regions outside and origins of the US. These are categorized as follows: –

  • For shipments to Mexico and Canada- UPS Standard
  • For shipments to all international destinations and delivered within 2 to 5 business days- UPS Worldwide Expedited
  • For shipments to all international destinations overnight to Canada, within 2 days to Mexico, Latin America, and Europe, and within 3 days to the rest of the world- UPS Worldwide Saver
  • For shipments that are more critical to international destinations but similar time as Worldwide Saver- UPS Worldwide Express
  • For shipments for Worldwide Express that need to deliver earlier in the morning- UPS Worldwide Express Plus 

Function Of the UPS Supply Chain

The UPS Supply Chain works with logistics, operations, and forward with the collaboration of other business units. They provide supplying and shipping to 175 countries around the world. They also provide supply chain design, execution, management, freight forwarding and distribution, customs brokerage, mail, and consulting services.

They have other business units like UPS Store and UPS Capital. UPS Store works with shipping shredding, printing, fax, passport photos, personal or business mailboxes, and notary services. The supply chain services are included with UPS Freight which offers services like LTL (Less Than Truckload) and TL (Truckload) services to customers in North America.

How Many Employees Does UPS Have?

UPS has 444,000 staff in total. Of this, 362,000 belong to the US, and 82000 are international. They have 250,000 UPS drivers, clerks, and package handlers. They are all represented by a group called International Brotherhood Teamster.

UPS also operates 119,000 delivery vehicles around the world including bicycles, vans, trucks, tractor-trailer trucks, minivans, and even electric vehicles. That means they have to employ experienced and well-trained drivers or riders who can deliver on time without a failure.

They ranked number 34 in the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations for their total revenue. The primary task of UPS is delivering packages and documents on time throughout the world. They have recently added LTL transportation in the US and supply chain services. 


UPS has grown into one of the world’s largest delivery, shipping, and freight systems. There are no matches to their services and wide range of clients. Their delivery destinations reach customers worldwide and they have developed a huge supply chain and freight service operating everywhere. No matter what business unit or enterprise you want UPS will reach there in no time. People can always count on their services and choose from their variety of offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does UPS delivery reach anywhere in the world?

Yes, UPS can deliver anywhere in the world but within a given time or duration which may be 2 to 5 days.

  • Can UPS services deliver documents?

Yes, UPS services deliver documents, packages, or tools for small business

  • Can UPS deliver cargo?

Yes, UPS delivers cargo and contains the world’s fourth-largest cargo airline in the world. Their cargo airlines fly to 800 destinations

Shipping Service By UPS

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