What Is Costco’s Tv Return Policy? -Know More

Costco, which is an American Multinational company referred to as a wholesale company, sells many products and is very well known. You may not like the products you purchased and you may want to return them. If the product you desire to return is a TV, there may be plenty of causes for returning it. It may not be working in a proper way or it may not meet your demands. In this context, if you are looking for return policy guidance on Costco TVs, this article is appropriate for you. This article will outline Costco’s TV return policy, return methods, and what Costco does with returned items.

What Is Costco’s Tv Return Policy?

General Information Regarding Costco’s TV Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your bought TV. You have a chance to return it with the refund in Costco’s return policy. However, when returning your purchased TV to Costco, it is essential that it be returned within 90 days of the online or in-store purchase. 

Terms And Conditions Of Returning The TV To Costco

When we look at the scope of electronic products, we can see this restriction in other products as well. 

  • You cannot generally return your TV to Costco after 90 days. However, it is important to remember that the implementation of return policies may vary from store to store, and there is a slight possibility of being returned. 
  • In addition, the thing that is on the mind of every customer is whether they can make a return without a receipt. 
  • Costco is very flexible in this regard and according to its policy, a receipt is not required. Moreover, You don’t need many criteria to return a TV to Costco. 
  • Costco is also very flexible in this regard. It is preferred that you bring the product with its original packaging and receipt, but it is not a mandatory criterion and your return can be accepted in any way. 
  • You can also return your products from warehouse locations or costco.com.

Return Method By Means Of Warehouse Locations

If you are returning your product through Warehouse, you must take your TV to any Costco Warehouse location. You can bring your invoice and original packaging, but this is not mandatory. In addition, you should not forget that you should bring all the items in your original packaging, such as all accessories and manuals, with your TV. When you bring the product to the returns section in the warehouse, the employees will help you with your return process. It should be added that you cannot return your TV at self-checkout.

Return Method By Means Of Costco.com

In this part, you should not forget that you have the chance to use the online site as another return method. However, you can only use it if you made your Original purchase through Costco.com. Customers purchasing from Warehouse cannot use this method. First, log into your Costco.com account and select “Orders and Returns.” Then, you should click on the “Return Products” button next to the TV product you want to return and follow the instructions that appear. The online system will assist you in the process of printing your return label, creating your return package, and returning your TV by mail.

Different things Costco Do With Televisions That Are Returned

A very common question for some savvy shoppers is what Costcos does after they receive these TVs in return from us. Costco chooses to return undamaged and nearly unused products to the floor at a discounted price. However, for heavily damaged and used items, they are sent off to liquidation auctions so they can be resold by discount retailers.

Refund Policy Under Costco’s Tv Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your TV, you will be fully refunded. Namely, Costco will pay your membership fee. Also, Costco will process your refund in parallel with your original payment method. If you paid via cash, you will be refunded by means of cash. 


Costco has a generous and flexible kind of return policy for its customers. In this context, what kind of applications for TV returns were examined, and the return methods of the customers were examined. Customers can return their items flexibly, but the 90-day limitation is often something Costco’s customers must adhere to. In addition, Costco evaluates TVs in different ways depending on their condition after they are returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the Allstate protection Plan and what benefits does it provide for returns?

A) If you purchased an Allstate Protection Plan warranty through Costco, you have the opportunity to return damaged products for up to 3 years.

Q) Can I return a TV to Costco in line with my guarantee

A) No. Costco only accepts returns on electronic products such as TVs up to 90 days from purchase.

Q) Do you need a box to return a TV to Costco?

A) No. We have always emphasized that Costco is a flexible store. Costco does not require original packaging for returns.

What Is Costco’s Tv Return Policy? -Know More

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