Does Quiktrip Do Money Orders?

A money order is the best option when cash or a check doesn’t suffice. Consider a money order to be a pre-paid cheque that one may use to send money from one person to another. Quiktrip now offers money orders in addition to petrol and low-cost food.

Does Quiktrip Do Money Orders?

A Quik Trip money order is a wonderful solution for those without bank accounts. In addition, money orders are a more secure payment method since they reduce the risk of rejected checks or interrupted payments because they are Pre-paid.

What Money Orders Does Quiktrip Do

And for How Much?

QuikTrip (QT) sells but does not cash Western Union money orders. A money order, on the other hand, may only be paid for with cash; no debit card, credit card, or gift card can be used.

For each $300, QT charges a $1.50 money order buying fee. A $500 money order, for example, would cost $3 in fees.

Other financial services QuikTrip provides 

QuikTrip offers rewards programs and other services for their usual customers in addition to money orders.

For example, QuikTrip provides several QT cards for companies like fleet management cards, gift cards, and credit cards.

One of these cards may be of interest if you’re seeking for credit on petrol expenditures. Below is a list of the several types of QT cards available from QuikTrip:

Credit Card from QT

You can obtain one by filling out an application form for the QT credit card. There is no annual or monthly cost charged for the QT credit card.

QT Fleet master Cards 

These enable companies to keep track of gasoline purchases across many vehicles.

Savings of $.01 to $.05 per gallon are available with Fleet master and Fleet master Express.

Fleet master and Fleet master Express are both free.

However, for Fleet master Plus, there is a $40 setup cost and a monthly charge of $2.00 per card.

QT Gift Card

You can add any amount between $5.00 and $300.00 to your QT Gift Card.

Purchase or reload your QuikTrip card at any QuikTrip location or over the internet

There are no charges.

QT Pumpstart Card

This allows you to fuel at the pump first, and then pay in cash inside. To obtain a card, present your driver’s license at a QuikTrip store counter. It might not be available everywhere. 

Conclusion : Does Quiktrip Do Money Orders?

QT is a mini-mart and gas station in the United States of America that sells money orders. It charges $1.50 for every $300 cash out Money orders are available for purchase with cash from 7 am until 10pm. If you lose or damage a Western Union-backed money order, you’ll have to pay an additional $15 replacement fee.

You will pay more than $15 if you do not have a transaction receipt. As a result, it is strongly advised that you keep the receipt. Quiktrip offers credit cards with cash back benefits for petrol purchases in order to keep their clients. There are additional gift cards available and a ‘Pump First.’ card that gets gas and pay afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions on Quiktrip Money Orders

What are the costs of Quiktrip Money Orders?

A $300 Quik Trip money order costs $1.50. As a result, all additional amounts up to $300 would be charged more $1.50. A $700 money order, for example, would cost $4.50. Western Union

(WU) backs QT money orders, which may only be used across the United States of America.

Is there a daily limit on the transaction amount for QT money orders?

Quiktrip accepts cash orders, with a daily limit of $950. As a result, a customer cannot spend more than that in a single day.

When are money orders available for purchase?

Even though Quiktrip is open 24 hours a day, one can only purchase money orders between 7 in the morning and 10 in the evening, seven

days a week.

What can I do to recover lost, stolen or damaged Quiktrip money orders?

Because QT’s money orders are authorised by Western Union, a customer who desires to reclaim a lost money order must follow the methods outlined by WU. 

If you still have the purchase receipt, proceed as follows:

  • Fill out the tracing form on the reverse of the receipt. 
  • Accompany the receipt with a $15.00 fee. 

Follow these instructions if you don’t have the original receipt:

  • Download and print the Western Union customer form online on their website.
  • Send this form, together with a $30 charge to Western Union.

It is quite helpful to keep the receipt safely. WU money orders have a one-year expiration date as well. QT does not accept money orders that are older than one year. Please bear in mind that Quiktrip does not accept cash orders. WU money orders must be cashed at a banking institution, such as a credit union or bank, with proof of identity.

Does Quiktrip Do Money Orders?

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