WeTransfer Free Trial-Know More!

WeTransfer is an internet-based computer file transfer service founded in 2009 and based in the Netherlands. It is one of the simplest ways to send files of any size across the internet to any part of the world, the files can include; images, videos, and documents. Let’s know more on, ‘WeTransfer Free Trial’.

WeTransfer plans are divided into three categories; Free, Pro and Premium. The Pro and Premium plans are paid plans with most features excluded from the Free plan. 

WeTransfer Free Trial

But, not to worry the Free plan comes with features that you will need for a start. It is advisable to start with the free plan before you upgrade to either the pro or premium depending on your need. 

Let’s explore everything you need to know in this article. 

Free Trial Features 

The features of the free plan include; 

· Transfer Size Limit 

· Storage 

· Download with no account 

· Track downloads 

· iOS App 

· Data encryption 

· Two-factor authentication 

· Collect by WeTransfer 

· Paste by WeTransfer 

Transfer Size Limit 

Each WeTransfer plan comes with a size limit for file transfers except the premium plan. With the free trial, you will be able to transfer up to 2 GB worth of files across the internet. 


All transfers you send on WeTransfer count towards your storage, and with the Free trial your files can stay up to seven days before being deleted. That means the receiver has seven days to download the files before losing access. 

Download With No Account 

When you send a file, the recipient automatically has access and can download it without logging in or signing up for WeTransfer.

Track Download 

With the free trial, you can track who has or hasn’t downloaded your sent files. 

iOS App 

You can also access your WeTransfer account, downloads, and stored files through the mobile iOS app. 

Data Encryption 

With the free trial, you can access the WeTransfer data encryption service. This means you can send and store files securely. 

Two-factor Authentication 

You can access the two-factor authentication login protocol on the free trial version of WeTransfer. It secures your account from external compromise. 

Collect by WeTransfer 

This is an extra feature on WeTransfer plans. 5 GB of storage is available for the free trial. With this feature, you can save and organize images, videos, music, and links across devices. 

Paste by WeTransfer 

The paste is a presentation tool that designs decks with responsive colors, alignments, and layouts. You can only create three presentation decks on the free trial version. 

How To Signup For The Free Trial 

The WeTransfer free trial can be accessed by anyone. You don’t need your credit or debit card details to sign up. With the free trial, you can transfer up to 2GB of files and have memory storage on your transfers for up to seven days. 

You will need to take the following steps to signup for the free trial; 

1 – Head to the WeTransfer website 

2 – Click on the pricing menu on the top right of your screen – All plans, and features are listed on the pricing page 

3 – Scroll down on the free trial and click on “Create account”. A signup prompt will be displayed. You can signup with your Google account, Slack account, or your email. 4 – Choose the signup option that works best for you. 

5 – Fill out necessary details after you choose a signup option. 

When you have completed the process, you will be directed to your official WeTransfer free account with a confirmation pop-up on your screen, and you can start sending files.


WeTransfer plans are in three main categories, with two paid options and a free trial option. You can start with the free option at no cost and move to either one of the paid options when you need to send larger files or run out of the allocated 2GB transfer size limit. 

WeTransfer is currently one of the simplest and safest ways to send files across the internet. Unfortunately, you cant access it on android devices but are available on Apple devices, which means you can send, receive, and store files directly on any of your iOS devices that are compatible with WeTransfer. 


Do I Need a Credit or Debit Card to Sign Up For The Free Trial?

No, you don’t need to use your debit or credit card details. 

How Long Does The Free Trial Last? 

The free trial can last for as long as the allocated 2GB transfer size limit isn’t exhausted. Once exhausted you won’t be able to transfer files from your account. 

Is WeTransfer Safe? 

Your files are encrypted when transferred and when stored. Once your files are stored, they can only be accessed using the unique links sent to the sender and recipient.

WeTransfer Free Trial-Know More!

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