eBay Buyer Says Item Not Received But Tracking Shows Delivered

Let us see what to do when eBay buyer says item not received but Tracking shows delivered in this article!

It is not often that this happens, but if, ever, a buyer did not receive an item they paid for, that buyer has to be refunded.

eBay Buyer Says Item Not Received But Tracking Shows Delivered

If a buyer did not receive what they ordered, although tracking shows that it has been delivered in eBay, they open an “item not received request.” eBay will then send the details of the request to your eBay-associated email address. eBay will only step in if you and the buyer have not resolved the matter within 72 hours.

What Do You Do When a Buyer Has Not Received Their Item?

When you receive an “item not received” request, opened by the buyer when they have not received a product, the request will have some information on whether the buyer wants to be refunded or still wants the item. Next, you will see these options: “Add tracking details,” “Refund the buyer,” and “Send a replacement item.”

Add Tracking Details

This information must be the name of the shipping carrier, the date of shipping the item, and the day and address to which it was delivered. If the total cost of the item, including the shipping cost and tax, exceeds $750, you can also include the signature of the recipient.

Here is how to add tracking details:

  1. Select “Add Tracking details” and click the “Continue” button.
  2. Enter the shipment date.
  3. From the dropdown button, find the shipping carrier you used and select it.
  4. Include a note, but that is optional. 
  5. Click the “Add tracking details” button.

Note: Tracking details should be from one of eBay’s associated shipping carriers, otherwise eBay cannot protect you. 

You also have three days to respond to the “item not received” request, or the buyer will be entitled to and issued a refund by eBay, in which case you, the buyer, owe eBay the cost of the refund.

Refund the buyer

If the buyer wants to be refunded, or you choose this option, the buyer is entitled to a 100% refund that includes the original shipping costs. The refund will be processed through the same method that the buyer used when paying for the item, and depending on that method, the refund can take between 3 and 30 days to process.

To issue a refund to the buyer:

  1. Click on “Refund the buyer” and then click the “Continue” button.
  2. You will see the full amount of the refund.
  3. Click “Refund the buyer.”

Replace the item

First, send a message to the buyer to offer them this replacement item. If they agree, you can begin the process of shipping the item, and send tracking details to the buyer. Also, it is good to notify the buyer to review their address before shipping the item.

To send a message to your buyer:

  1. Click the “Send message” link or button.
  2. Enter a message on the text box, and click on “Send.”

Asking eBay to Help

There may be many reasons blocking you from reaching an agreement with your buyer, like unreasonable terms for returning a purchase. However, eBay does encourage sellers and buyers to try to resolve disagreements directly, so involving eBay should only be a last resort.

Either buyer or seller can request eBay to step in if the issue has not been fixed after 72 hours, but eBay does not have to get involved if the two parties are still negotiating past the 72 hours.

You can request eBay to intervene by:

  1. Finding the order inside “My eBay sold.”
  2. Next to the order, select “View return details” if there is a return request, or if it is an “Item not received” request, select “View request details.”
  3. Go to: “Report problem,” or go to: “Ask eBay to step in and help.”

It takes eBay about two days to review the details of the issue and respond to you. You will be made aware when eBay has reached a decision. The decision that eBay reaches may be in favor of the buyer, requiring you to issue a full refund, or the decision may favor the seller, in which case the seller no longer has any responsibility for the buyer’s complaints.

eBay also allows for appeals. If you do not agree to a decision, you may appeal within 30 working days.

Another way to request eBay’s interference is through Seller Hub.

  1. Go to “Seller Hub.”
  2. Select either one of these tabs, “Returns,” or “Request and disputes.”
  3. Select the details.
  4. Go to: “report a problem” or you can click on “Ask eBay to step in and help.”

The most important recommendation here is that you conduct your transactions within eBay’s guidelines and tips. Working with carriers that are integrated with eBay, will be important when having to supply tracking details.

eBay Buyer Says Item Not Received But Tracking Shows Delivered

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