Avianca Pet Policy – Know More Interesting Facts

Avianca’s regulations for animals may aid you to ensure that you are flying in comfort and security with your furry friend. This service includes up to four animal round-trip airport transfers and any animal needs that may arise during the journey. So Let’s know about Avianca Pet Policy.

Avianca Pet Policy

You will want to be aware of the airline’s former rules for pets if you’re planning to travel with your furry friend. The former policies affirm that all animals must be placed in a carrier to be transported. It must be placed near the passenger’s seat.

Avianca Pet Rules Explained

If you are traveling with your furry pals, then below is a summary of the rules for animals that will apply for Avianca Airlines:

  • Each passenger is allowed one animal traveling in their carry-on and one animal that may be carried on the pilot’s cabin seat or in the aircraft. 
  • This animal may be a household pet (no bigger than 12 pounds or 5 kilograms), or two birds up to 12 inches/30 centimeters in total length per bird, each incapable of coexisting peacefully together due to aggressive behavior.
  • All animals must be carried on a Cage, Carrier, or another appropriate travel device that meets all applicable Canadian government regulations for the movement of live poultry; this includes having food and water available at all times,

Registering Your Pet For Travel: 

Registering your pet for traveling on Avianca airlines is easy. Simply visit the airline’s website and enter all of your information, including the name of your animal, its dates of travel, and important instructions you may have. 

Once you’ve submitted this information, a staff member with the right credentials will contact you to confirm everything is right and make sure that your furry friend has all the vaccinations it needs. 

Finally, remember to bring along your identification of vaccination when boarding.

Packing A Proper Carrier For Your Flight:

When you are traveling with your furry friend, be sure to pack a proper pet carrier. 

Some factors to find when choosing a carrier include: 

  • Amount of weight 
  • The width of the opening, 
  • Type of closure (zipper or buckle), 
  • Material quality, and price. 
  • It is important to make sure that the carrier has enough ventilation holes so that your furry friend can breathe properly. 

And finally, make sure to choose a carrier that fits well onto both you and your pet; oftentimes bigger animals need larger carriers than smaller ones do.

Reserving Your Pet For A Flight At Avianca

Pets are treasured by individuals everywhere, and it can be challenging to leave them behind when you travel. 

Avianca provides a great variety of services including dog and cat boarding, pet transportation in cars or on planes (with certain breeds and sizes excluded), and even accommodations at specific kennels, which is one of the most popular.

All of these services come with a one-time fee that covers all the necessary care for your furry friend while you’re away. 

Tips For Bringing A Pet On Flight With You

When it comes to taking your furry friend with you on a flight, several things need to be thought of. This means that the animal has been tested for exposure to toxins through contact with contaminated water or soil during its lifetime and has received appropriate treatment if necessary.

Secondly, be aware of TSA limitations for carry-on pets. These limits vary from airline to airline, but reptiles (including snakes), ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits’ ears, and other long snouts exceeding 12 inches in length are not allowed in your carry-on bag unless they are placed in an approved carrier. 

Finally, always keep a detailed inventory of all animals occupying the household when you travel as this will help speed up procedures/emergency evacuations should something unexpected happen while you’re away from home. 


Avianca is known for providing world-class service to its passengers. Avianca has always impressed its passengers with its affordable and comfortable services. Its service for animals has made traveling easier for all. We hope this article was informative and helpful for you and your furry friend.


  1. What are some other airlines’ policies on bringing animals on board their planes?

All pets have to be placed in a carrying case or carrier that is small enough to fit into your carry-on bag. It cannot exceed 12″ x 12″, and it should weigh under 3 pounds.

  1. What would be the perfect number of pets for an airline to provide?

Airlines are always looking for ways to cut down on costs, and one way that they do this is by limiting the number of animals that a passenger can bring onboard. 

  1. Do you think that animals have special rights on flights?

While it is not stated in the airline industry’s standards, many people believe that animals on Avianca have special rights on flights. 

  1. If Avianca lets me bring my puppy with me, would I be able to board the plane for free?

Yes, if you have a proper registration of your furry friend, you will be allowed to do so.

Avianca Pet Policy – Know More Interesting Facts

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