Know where it’s made: Ghurka bags -Luxury Speaks! 

Top luxury Brands aren’t a sensation overnight, they are build brick by brick with years of hard labor, superior product quality, passion plus unwavering consumer faith in their product. Founded in 1975 in America the iconic Ghurka Bag Brand has made its name internationally amongst the top luxury Bag Brands and is thriving.  They say!  ingenuity combined with rich history is what makes a brand reach its pinnacle. Let’s Know where it’s made: Ghurka bags -Luxury Speaks! 

Know where it’s made: Ghurka bags -Luxury Speaks! 

These beautifully crafted Ghurka Bags are still manufactured locally, in the original Ghurka factory in Norwalk, Connecticut USA. The company is also partners with skilled artisans from Italy and Spain that specialize in women handbags and wallets and other small leather goods respectively. Offering wide variety, these trending Ghurka bags are well-liked by the celebs and the who’s who all over the world. 

How Ghurka got its name?

Founder Marley Hodgson had passion for leather crafts. He aspired to give quality product that celebrated the confidence and free spiritedness of his customers. A vision to provide a product that guaranteed lifetime use to consumers and possibly passed down the generations to come. Hodgson’s motivation came from a bid he won on 100-year-old belongings of a British Gurkha regimental officer stationed in India in 1900’s.  Hodgson’s Company’s name was inspired by Ghurka soldiers from Nepal known for their loyalty, bravery and fearless attitude throughout the world since the time of British Raj. 

Current owners of Ghurka leather?

Anna and Steve Latkovic and Glenn Pollock, natives of Cleveland, are proud owners who had saved the company from going out of business and moved the headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio 2018.

Where is the leather for Ghurka bags obtained from?

The raw material for Ghurka leather is obtained from French calf. The skin is processed in a 100-year-old tannery in northeast France. The processing is such that the leather is dyed to preserve its natural surface, hence the name Aniline leather. 

The leather is also sourced from tanneries in The United States, Germany and Italy. These finest quality leathers are tanned and designed such that the product’s life is prolonged beyond its normal lifetime. 

Process of manufacturing of Ghurka bags:

1.The leather is carefully inspected and accordingly chosen to become different parts of the bag. This means the sturdier parts of the bag will be made using firmer areas of the leather. 

2.Steel dies i.e. shape cutters, are made as per the design pattern of the bag. 

3.Once the leather is cut into pieces for desired shape, each piece is then stitched together with precision. 

4.This is followed by the attachment of rivets, other hardware to the bag.

5. The Ghurka logo ‘G’ is then stamped onto the leather, followed by the Bag’s style name and number to give the final finished product. 

The Ghurka leather Bags are shining example of time- tested, skilled craftsmanship put up by the artisans of leather goods in America. 

What makes Ghurka luxury bags so special?

Ghurka bags are made to endure, last for a life time. Ghurka Bags are made of finest quality leather. Ghurka forays in high end leather luggage, leather goods for men and woman like suitcases, totes, travel bags, manbags, backpacks, purses, wallets that can be inherited with pride. The vintage military looks of Ghurka bags is what appeals to the customer. Ghurka bags have a rich history that hold sentimental values in customer’s life thus having a loyal customer base.

Ghurka bags creates a wide range of collectibles listed under categories of everyday, business, handbag and accessories making them excellent gifting choice. Owning Ghurka products definitely adds style and elegance to the lives of the users. 

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Are Gurkha luxury Bags made in China?

 As mentioned in the Ghurka website the buckles, rivets, zippers and other hardware are made in China.

  • Are Gurkha luxury Bags worth an investment?

Ghurka bags are unique heirloom that provide an assortment of iconic designer bags. These bags are made with solid brass hardware, premium quality leather teamed with trademark binding and stitching. Thus, making them sturdy, can be willed to offspring yet never out of fashion. You want amalgamation of style and class? these bags are a status symbol. 

  • How to tell real from fake bag?
  • Avoid buying from flea markets. Buy only from the Authentic Brand- name stores. 
  • Do some prior research on real branded bags: If the selling price is too good to be true, then the bag is fake.
  • Inspect the leather quality, quality of the metal zippers and other hardware of the bag.
  • Real leather bags will have a typical leather smell, lined from insides and neatly stitched.
  • Zippers will be high quality, heavy since made up of metal and have a sheen to it. Function wise they will be smooth. The metal hardware will have uniformity both color and finish wise. If none of the above conditions are fulfilled, guarantee it’s a fake bag. 
  • Check for the Authenticity labels, serial number and brand tags, designer stamp Logo, registration card numbers. Compare them with the images available online (company websites). Slight variation even in font size or color, styling of letter, motifs, off-target stamped logo etc. should qualify as a fake bag. 
  • Why are Leather bags so expensive?
  • Durability: leather bags are long lasting, pure genuine leather can withstand extensive wear and tear and last for years.
  • Stylish, Creative, Unique designs: premium brands heavily invest to get the best designers on board that focus on the purpose, usage, occasion and application of the bag’s intended design. 
  • Process of making: producing flawless genuine leather is a painstaking process. From heavy infrastructure to proper waste disposal, branded leather companies also have to make provisions for health and hygiene of the workersChurning out such unique masterpieces requires a lot of dedicated man hours and patience. 

The process of tanning leather has to be precise, under-tanning the leather may cause the leather to smell and prone to fungal attack. Whereas, additional tanning may cause the leather to become dry and form cracks with time.

  • Warranty, Return Policy Customer support: Niche Brands are so confidant with their quality product that they offer warranties to the customers. Such brands also have return policies in exchange of another product under same brand name. Top Brands are certainly customer oriented and enjoy a loyal customer base.

To sum it up the local companies will look for cheaper, synthetic versions of leather with little to no regards for attention to detail. Local companies mostly create cheaper copies of the trendy designs which may not last long.  The accessory parts of the bags, products rust in no time when exposed to moisture.  

  • Brands that are World’s most desirable in leather goods category.

The below mentioned brands which by the way are also the biggest fashion names that produce top class leather goods that are known for durability and unmatched style. These are:

  • Louis Vuitton 
  • Chanel
  • Gucci 
  • Prada
  • Fendi 
  • D&G (Dolce Gabbana)
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Versace
  • Burberry
  • Coach
  • Some Luxury Brands that make best leather goods in America.
  • Moop
  • Ship John
  • Joshu +vela 
  • Corter Leather
  • Ashland Leather Co
  • Gfeller Leather Casemakers
  • Tanner Goods 
  • Billykirk 
Know where it’s made: Ghurka bags -Luxury Speaks! 

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