How Does Delta Board? – Know More


When boarding a plane, we all desire to get on as quickly as possible as having to wait can be frustrating. Plus, there’s the crowd to deal with along with big luggage. Really! It can be an awful experience. When it comes to boarding procedures, Delta, the American legacy carrier airline, has some of the most sophisticated as it has different boarding groups. While this makes for smoother and faster boarding, it becomes relatively confusing for those not used to the boarding procedures. We will get to know how does Delta board.

How Does Delta Board?

Anyways, if you’re into avoiding frustration or delay in your next flight with them, then you’ve come to the right place, so tag along.

How Does Delta Board?

As one of the major airlines in the United States, Delta is always seeking to consistently improve customers’ traveling experience. It has most certainly ensured this with its well-organized and innovative boarding process which splits passengers into various boarding groups along with a designated coloring scheme for better identification. 

This has reduced the risk of passengers dashing dangerously to the gate and enables easier recognition of loyal customers. Now that we’ve known the boarding process, how exactly do they board?

How Delta Board

Delta AirLine provides ten different boarding groups (plus the priority boarding). This priority boarding is offered to passengers with elite status provided by select airline partners (more on this later). 

Anyways, let’s take a closer look at these boarding groups.

Delta Air Lines Board Groups

Knowing what group one belongs in begins with booking. That is, the fare one selects will usually have an impact on the group type one will find oneself. One will see the branded term for one’s ticket fare when it’s time to board. 

In anyways, here are the groups.


The first boarding group consists of passengers with special needs who require additional time to board. It includes unaccompanied minors, customers with disabilities, and active members of the U.S. Army.

Delta One

Up next, we have those who bought the premium tickets offered by Delta. It includes Delta One members and Diamond Medallion members. In case this cabin is unavailable, Diamond Medallion members will proceed to the next zone.

First Class And Delta Premium Select

This is made up of Delta Premium Select, First Class, and Diamond Medallion Members (in case there’s no Delta One cabin). In addition, passengers going with car seats and strollers, or others with early boarding also belong to this category.

Delta Comfort+

This is available to all Delta Comfort Plus members.

Sky Priority 

Delta Platinum Medallion, GOL Smiles Diamond, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold, Virgin Australia Platinum and Gold, Flying Blue Platinum and Gold, Gold Medallion, and SkyTeam Elite Plus members all belong to this group.

The rest of the boarding process follows a cabin format.

Delta Main Cabin One

The lowest ladder of the elite status is also called the Silver Medallion which boards with the first group of economy passengers. Other members include the Gold, Platinum, and Reserve Delta Skymiles Credit Card, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Silver, Virgin Australia Velocity Silver, Priority Boarding Trip Extra, and Delta Corporate members.

Delta Main Cabin Two

This consists of all main cabin passengers who do not fall into the main cabin three categories based on the type of fare bought.

Delta Main Cabin Three

This consists of passengers that booked the T, X, and V transport fares.

Basic Economy

Last but not least, this boarding stage offers the same services as the Main Cabin but with fewer flexibility options.

What’s The Delta Priority To Board?

The Delta boarding priority enables beneficiaries to board their flights earlier than those in general boarding groups. To use if you’re eligible, all you need to do is line up at the gate when the gate agent calls your group.

How Do I Get The Delta Board Priority?

There are several ways to board Delta flights sooner. These include:

• Upgrade your ticket by paying for a higher fare class.

• Apply for an eligible Delta credit card.

• Earn an elite status with partner airlines.

• Purchase a Delta priority boarding for $15.

• Being a US military member with a valid ID.

Who’s Eligible For The Delta Priority To Board

In order of who gets to board first, here’s a list of those eligible for Delta priority boarding.

• Active military U.S. personnel and customers in need of assistance.

• Those with purchased Delta One, First Class, or Delta Premium Select fare in addition to the highest elite tier members of the Skymiles program- Diamond Medallion.

•  Passengers with car seats and strollers.

• The lower elite tiers, Delta Credit card owners, and elite members of partner airlines from Virgin Australia, GOL Airlines, Air France, and Skyteam elite tiers.


The boarding process of Delta Air Lines is quite different from most other airlines, with emphasis placed on elite members. It distributes its boarding into different groups. In any case, if you’re looking to board a flight with them, use the above information to avoid any confusion or delay.


How Do I Know My Boarding Group?

Your boarding group is indicated on your mobile or printed boarding pass by your purchased branded fare, or Sky Priority.

What’s The Delta Priority Boarding Cost?

The cost is about $15 per flight.

How Does Delta Board? – Know More

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