Kohl’s Sonoma Candles – Know More

Candles are crucial component of celebrations, marriages, aromatherapy, and home design, particularly the perfumed ones, they can also be utilized in bathrooms and bedrooms. It can be easy to view the bathroom as a strictly functional space. But a well-designed bathroom may be a refuge, a lovely, tranquil space where you can escape from it all. Scented candles are also a crucial component of a stress-free bathroom. Scented candles are ideal for creating a gentle, comforting glow in the bathroom. we will discuss about Kohl’s Sonoma Candles.

Kohl's Sonoma Candles 

Kohl’s Sonoma Candles

Kohl’s Sonoma candles are scented candles, made of 100% soy wax, and burn evenly because soy wax burns clean and is good. These candles last for more than 42 hours. They have scented candles and are not hazardous to the body or pose a risk to human health. Poorly constructed candles may have a lovely perfume, but once burned, they will have no scent.

Why Use Kohl’s Sonoma Candles

Depending on what purpose you want your Sonoma candle to serve, you can be sure that kohl’s Sonoma candle would serve you well. 

They Give Your Environment A Refreshing Feel :

Candles with pleasant scents can transport you to different worlds. Simply select your favorite fragrance and start lighting your candle. You can choose a calming or energizing atmosphere, a romantic or a vibrant one, or a refreshing or relieving one.

They Set A Mood:

The act of lighting candles creates a soothing glow and a stress-relieving atmosphere in contrast to the overload we experience from our hectic working hours.

They Provide Lightning:

The Ambient Light Bathroom illumination is frequently quite intense. While yet providing just enough light to see by, these candles provide just enough natural light for essential grooming and shaving essentials.

They Can Be Used For Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is a fantastic, drug-free technique to help your body relax and quiet down. To elicit particular emotions or moods, aromatherapy uses scented oils and odors.  Aromatherapy is a wonderful, drug-free technique to assist your body in rest and quieting down. When the candle is being created, fragrant oils are incorporated into the wax to create scented candles. 

Best Rated Kohls Sonoma Candles 

  • Sonoma Goods For Life Yankee Candle Pink Sands 22-oz. Large Candle Jar:

Its fragrance is like that of an island, has a single wick, and is a blend of spicy vanilla, citrus, and sweet florals. 

  • Sonoma Goods For Life White Peach & Mango 14-oz. 3-Wick Candle Jar: 

It gives a fruity scent and is a mixture of mango, sheer vanilla, and juicy mango. Irrespective of the colour it gives a single scent. 

  • Sonoma Goods For Life Apple Spice 14-oz. 3-Wick Candle Jar:  

Is a mixture of apple, spice fragrances, and cinnamon. It burns for about 50 hours and has a fruity scent.

  • Sonoma Goods For Life Eucalyptus & Mint Leaf 14-oz:

Its Fragrance includes bergamot, eucalyptus, and mint leaf:

  • Sonoma Goods For Life Citron Blue 13-oz candle jar:

Citron blue gives is a blend of tropical fruits, sandalwoods, and sugared citrus. 

  • Sonoma Goods For Life Fresh Bamboo 14-oz candle Jar: 

It comes in glass, paraffin wax, or metal, 14 oz, and comprises fresh bamboo, lavender blossom, and jasmine. 

  • Sonoma Goods For Life Sugared Vanilla 3″ x 4″ Pillar Candle

Is a blend of vanilla, sweet sugar, and nutmeg, and is made of the cotton wick and paraffin wax.

  • Sonoma Goods For Life 3″ x 6″ Mahogany & Cedar Pillar Candle: 

This is designed specially, for winter nights, with a nice fragrance of cedar, warm spices, and mahogany. 

  • Sonoma Goods for life spa calm candle jar: 

This gives a refreshing aroma of bergamot, basil, and eucalyptus and burns for more than 50 hours.

  • Sonoma goods for life spa relax candle jar: 

It is made with essential oils and has the fragrance of cedar wood, lavender, and rosemary.

  • Sonoma goods for life cherry blossom 14-oz candle jar:

With this candle jar, you can be sure to have your home giving out scents like vanilla, jasmine, and cherry blossoms. 


Kohls Sonoma candles are refreshing and the perfect go-to for relaxing and breathtaking aromas that last longer and are usually in glass containers that have metal lids. They make the environment friendly and made of a high-quality fragrance that makes them simply the best. 


1. Why Do Some Candles Have One Wick And Some Their Wicks?

There’s not much difference, either three or one you would still get the perfect scent, except that the candle jar with three wicks burns more evenly, and allows for a stronger scent in comparison to burning a single wick. 

2. Can I Leave My Candle Burning All Day? 

How long you can leave your candle burning depends on the time stated by the manufacturer. This can be a deadly act because the longer your candle burns than the time specified, the more the wick stores in carbon making it unstable and highly inflammable. 

Kohl’s Sonoma Candles – Know More

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