Kohl’s Sonoma Candles – Know More

Candles are crucial component of celebrations, marriages, aromatherapy, and home design, particularly the perfumed ones, they can also be utilized in bathrooms and bedrooms. It can be easy to view the bathroom as a strictly functional space. But a well-designed bathroom may be a refuge, a lovely, tranquil space where you can escape from it […]

A Not So Basic “Basik Candle” Sale Is Also Happening This Weekend

San Francisco based Basik Candle Co is pleased to present their first annual “Less than Perfect” sale this Saturday, July 21 at Avenues Dry Goods. As a result of a warehouse full of candles with small defects (slightly misplaced labels, scuffed glass, particularly minor details) they’ll be selling these hand fragranced, hand crafted and hand poured […]

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