The Notary Services By Wells Fargo- And Know More

The legality and truthfulness of the documents is essential when forming or dismissing any relation with regards to finance, businesses, jobs and even personal relations. Therefore, the necessity for a truth check is single handedly the most important aspect of everything. Learn how you can do notary services by Wells Fargo.

Notary Services by Wells Fargo

Thereby comes the role of a Notary. A Notary is an individual who has the legal authority to deem whether the documents presented are truthful and correctly signed or not. Any further use of legal documents is dependent upon this decision of the Notary. Know how you can do notary services by Wells Fargo.

Notary Services – An Overview

While notary services are a necessity, these are only provided by a few institutions. It often becomes a problem for people to have access to these services, since the majority of it is public services work and have long queues.

In the United States of America, A Notary is an individual appointed by the state (government). The Official is usually lieutenant governor, state secretary, the Governor or a state legislature. Their primary role is to serve as an impartial witness when crucial documents are signed.

While a Notary is a public service officer, they have duties varying from state to state; however often a Notary of one state is banned from functioning as the same in another state until and unless they have commission there as well.

Notary’s Education

While a common way is by paying a fee and filling out a form, oftentimes Notaries are required to either take a course or pass an exam. In some exceptions, states also require both education and exams. This happens owing to the apprehensions of Notary with criminal histories.

Wells Fargo and Notary services

With corporate headquarters in San Francisco and operating headquarters in Manhattan, Wells Fargo is an American financial services company. Deemed as a systemically important

financial institution by the Financial Stability Board, it operates in 35 countries and has over 700 million customers.

With 7300 bank branches and a vast network of financial transactions, Notary Service becomes an important aspect for the validity and legality of documents.

By having Notary services when signing any document, both parties can be at peace that the process was legally and truthfully executed. it cuts down the threat of fraudulent transactions and cases.

Therefore, the question arises, Does Wells Fargo, a major financial institution, have Notary Services?

And the answer is yes. Wells Fargo has a very intricately formulated Notary Service which enables the customers to get their Documents signed and verified at every branch.

Wells Fargo List of Notary Service

  • These services are available to the account holders, free of cost.
  • While they are easy to access, the services can be availed only via appointments. Walk -in services are not provided and neither permitted.
  • The documents (in well shape and order as demanded by the notary) and a witness is to accompany the customer to the appointment.
  • The Notary Public will witness the signing of documents and then stamp the documents deeming them valid legally.
  • Some of the Wells Fargo branches provide the Notary services only on some days of the week and for some hours.
  • While the services remain free for active account holders, the Non – account holders need to pay a minimum fee to get their documents notarized. This fee varies from state to state.
  • What needs to be kept in mind is that The Notary public has the authority to certify documents under a dollar limit. They can certify prenuptials documents, real estate documents. While some banks do not have the authority to certify six- figure or seven figure deeds etc. Therefore, the customers have to keep in mind the kind of document they want to get notarized. They need to have a prior check in with the bank staff if they notarize the document they want or not.

How to make an Appointment

To make an appointment with Wells Fargo notary one needs to follow the steps given below; keeping in mind that these appointments can be made 42 days in advance.

Step 1 – Sign in to Wells Fargo website, or continue as a guest.

Step 2 – Complete the form filling with the reason for the visit.

Step 3 – Select the Zip code, postal code, city or state that is required.

Step 4 – confirm the date and tie selection for the appointment.

Step 5 – final check and submit the form and you will receive a confirmation mail or text message confirming your appointment.

The Documents Wells Fargo can notarize

  • Affidavits
  • Real estate deeds
  • Estate planning Wills
  • Transfer documents of Car ownership
  • ID verification of unknown money sender
  • Identity verification if your credit card is stolen
  • Trusts documents
  • Loan documents
  • Money transfer documents
  • Account verification for buying and selling of stocks, etc.

The importance of Notary Services has made it necessary for every institution in present times to provide Notary services. It helps with legality and validation of people and documents and bringing down fraud cases.

Wells Fargo has a rather systematic and transparent Notary System with convenient timing, prior appointments and smooth functioning. This encourages people to seek their services as well as work in legal boundaries without fearing long queues and hours of wait. Therefore, Wells Fargo has provided its customers with an essential service that too in flexibility with the convenience of the customer.

Frequently asked Questions
  • Does Wells Fargo have Notary services?

Yes, Wells Fargo has Notary Services.

  • Is there a fee for Notary services by Wells Fargo?

The Notary services remain free to the active account holders in Wells Fargo. A minimum fee is to be paid by non-account holders.

  • Are the notaries available 24×7?

No, the Notary Public is not available all the time. Since one official may function in various branches, the person needs to shift and travel and can be only available at some point in some branch. The customer should inquire prior to their appointment the availability of the Notary.

  • Can I get the document signed by visiting the nearest branch anytime?

The documents and visitation are only to be taken to the branch on the date of the appointment. A Walk-in Notary is not permitted. Customers are required to make an appointment in their nearest branch.

The Notary Services By Wells Fargo- And Know More

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