Animals That Can’t Swim – Know More


It has been proven that animals can survive in this world thanks to their diverse abilities and expertise. Swimming is one of the many abilities that allow animals to stay underwater. We will see about animals that can’t swim in this article.

Animals that can't swim

You might think that all animals could learn to swim because most of Earth’s surface is water. It will surprise you that many animals cannot swim and have survival skills, despite their inability to swim.

These animals are almost always found on land, have never learned to swim, and don’t usually have access to water. Many animals, including mammals like Camels, Giraffes, etc. can’t swim. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Let’s get into the details about animals that can’t swim


Camels are not able to swim underwater. The exception is the Kharai, a Kutch breed. This breed can swim quite well and live off saline plants. Other than them, they can swim.

Camels thrive in environments devoid of water, and Camels must drink large amounts of water to survive.


You might have guessed that Giraffes cannot swim, and Giraffes are among the tallest mammals in the world, which is a disadvantage.

Giraffes have long necks and very long legs, and this makes it difficult for them to move in the water at a steady pace to swim. The giraffe’s long legs and weight make it difficult for them to swim forward or backward.

Black Rhinoceros

The Black Rhinoceros, a subspecies in the white rhino family, is one of its subspecies. Although it cannot swim, the Black Rhinoceros has other defenses that protect it from predators such as lions or hyenas. Its thick, leathery skin prevents bites, and its large, blunt horn is a weapon against larger predators such as lions.


The hippopotamus is another animal that cannot swim. Although it might seem that this South African animal, which is often seen in the water at all times, would be the ability to swim, it isn’t.

Hippopotamuses don’t swim when they’re in the water; they bounce. These animals are made up of heavy bones and floatable fat, and combining bones and fat helps them stay above the water surface, almost like bouncing.


Despite their name, these dogs are known to avoid the water. It is unclear where this breed originated; some believe they came from Germany, and others claim they are Thai descendants. There are not many boxers who love swimming.


The most striking thing about peacocks is their colorful and beautiful feathers. They are not useful underwater, despite their beautiful feathers.

 Peacocks cannot swim with their webbed feet or water-resistant feathers, and ducks can, however, swim with them. The peacocks’ distinct feet and feathers act like a barrier that prevents them from swimming underwater.

Peacocks cannot also swim underwater because they must protect and lay eggs. Peacocks avoid water areas because of this.


Have you ever heard of batfish before? These are the Galapagos Islands’ aquatic animals, so it is not surprising that they are on this list. How is it possible that marine animals living underwater cannot swim? Crazy, right?

Batfish look like unicorns because they have dorsal fins that protrude from their foreheads. Although they cannot swim, they can walk underwater and on the seafloor thanks to their highly developed anal, pelvic, and pectoral fins.

They are quite interesting because they can walk underwater instead of swimming.


Chinchillas, small fluffy animals that cannot swim, are called “Chinchillas.” They are found in South America’s Andes Mountains. Their natural habitat is very dry, and they would drown quickly if they were to fall into the water. Chinchilla owners must be careful not to allow their pets to get in the water.

Black Rhinoceros

Because of its many talents, the black rhinoceros has a lot of popularity. They are popular animals but don’t know how to swim underwater.

It is important to know that rhinoceros can be very heavy and bulky. Their enormous size can make it difficult to swim, and it is difficult for a black rhinoceros with such a large body to swim above the water.


You may have seen owls hunting prey near water. However, this is just at the surface; anything beyond that is too far for owls to reach.

Their wings aren’t resistant to water, and feathers may lose their flight abilities if they come in contact with water. This is why owls don’t like to go near the water and why they can’t even swim.


 Most animals can’t swim underwater because of different reasons.

An animals can’t swim because of a structure, foot, or size defect. Due to their unique environment, other animals may be unable to swim. These animals can’t swim, but they have their survival strategies.


Can rhinos swim?

Asian rhinos can also swim and cross rivers easily. Their African cousins are not as good swimmers and can drown in deep waters, and prefer to cool off in the mud.

Can Foxes Swim?

Foxes can swim well and have sharp claws and teeth.

Can porcupines swim?

The quills are different in length, with the longest on the back and the shortest on the face. Quills help porcupines float because they are hollow, making them excellent swimmers.

Animals That Can’t Swim – Know More

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