Why Can’t My Computer Connect To 5G Wi-Fi?

The entire world has left the era of a crawling internet to a swift and uninterrupted internet era. To stay relatively in vogue and involved in the technology space today, there’s a need to catch up with the fast-moving 5GHz internet train. We will we can’t connect computer to 5G Wi-fi in this article.

Why Can't My Computer Connect To 5G Wi-Fi?

There are varieties of causes for the issue with 5GHz Wi-Fi not connecting to Computers. They include Wi-Fi router incompatibility with the computer, long distance between the Wi-Fi router and the Computer, and an incorrect 5Ghz Wi-Fi setup on the computer. This problem of computer and Wi-Fi connection difficulties occurs frequently and it generally arises when users upgrade their software, Wi-Fi routers, the 5G Wi-Fi-related computer hardware, their device drivers, and more. 

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In this article, we will be explaining the reasons why problems are encountered while trying to connect 5Ghz Wi-Fi to computers. Let’s dive right in!

Why Can’t Some Computers Connect To 5Ghz Wi-Fi? 

As earlier highlighted above, difficulty in connecting 5Ghz to a computer is not a strange experience in recent times. In solving this problem, below are the lists of measures to take.

1. First thing to check out is, does the computer support connecting with 5Ghz Wi-Fi routers? There are some PCs whose in-built Wi-Fi adapter is 2.4Ghz which will not connect to a 5Ghz Wi-Fi router. To check whether the computer supports 5Ghz or not, visit the control panel for technical details.

 2. Another factor to check is the distance you’re trying to connect from. If a computer has been accessed to be fit to connect with a 5Ghz Wi-Fi router, then it’s advisable to ensure the PC is brought close to the router. A 5Ghz Wi-Fi works best when at a proximal end.

3. Another point to note is the change of 5Ghz router in use or computer upgrade. When either of these devices is changed or upgraded there is a strong possibility of struggles in connection. Check out if the new device is compatible with the old device as regards the internet connection with 5Ghz Wi-Fi.

How Can I Connect My Computer To 5Ghz Wi-Fi?

To successfully connect your computer to 5Ghz Wi-Fi, you must have established that your router and computer both support 5GHz bandwidth or 5G. On your Wi-Fi adapter, enable trying 802.11n mode. Firstly, press Windows + X, and then select Device Manager from the menu that will then show up on your screen. Search for Network adapters while you’re in Device Manager. Then click it to make the menu expand. Find the Wireless adapter now in the expanded menu. After that, use your mouse to right-click the Wireless adapter driver and select Properties. A new window for the properties of the wireless adapter will appear as you click, then click the Advanced tab. Select the 802.11n, after selecting it, adjust the value to enable it on the right side. then press OK. Restart the computer after this process, 5Ghz Wi-Fi network must have been enlisted among Wireless Network Connections.

What Is The Benefit Of A 5G Wi-Fi Router?

5G Wi-Fi router is the latest technology in vogue, known for its high speed. With its high millimeter waves, large files can be transferred in a jiffy without stress. It makes operations on mobile phones and PCs enjoyable and smooth compared to the experiences of the past generations.

Closing Remarks

The router could largely be the reason for your device’s inability to connect to the 5GHz Wi-Fi router. Also, there is a possibility that the issue arose with the computer device itself. If after all efforts have proven abortive, you should contact the customer care service provider of your router. They’ll find a way to salvage the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Make Use Of Both 2.4Ghz And 5Ghz Simultaneously?

Answer: Yes. It is possible to allow both frequencies to be in use simultaneously. Connect devices that require a fast network on 5Ghz and those that require less amount on 2.4Ghz.

Which Is The Best Wi-Fi Router?

Answer: The best Wi-Fi router is TP-Link AX11000. It is also known as the fastest. It includes numerous ports and anti-malware tools.

How Long Can A Router Last?

Answer: On average, a router can last for about three to five years before being replaced. A timely replacement will guarantee a smooth experience.

Can My Router Get Slower Over Time?

Answer: The Internet and technology are always evolving. As new technologies are being adopted over time, router performance deteriorates due to hardware overheating and component wear.

Why Can’t My Computer Connect To 5G Wi-Fi?

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