Apple Maps vs Google Maps 800 S4 – Know More

The war between Android and IOS has been going on for well over a decade and both smartphone operating platforms have their fair share of fanboys. A part of this war is the discussion of which navigating app is better, Apple Maps or Google maps? Today, all of the angles of each app that give them the edge over the other will be discussed in detail. Let us know how to search Apple Maps vs Google Maps 800 S4

Apple Maps and Google Maps are competing navigation apps and since around 84% of the world’s population uses a smartphone today, it is certain that a lot many of these users rely upon one of the two navigation apps daily. A thorough comparison between both Apple Maps and Google Maps will be conducted in this article and towards the end, a winner will be nominated.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps 800 S4


While the apps provide one similar use, that is navigation, there are still many distinctive factors between Apple Maps and Google Maps. A list of which factors would be discussed are as follows:

  1. User Interface
  2. Navigation Efficiency 
  3. Accuracy of navigation
  4. Supported platforms 
  5. Unique features

These are important factors to discuss to reach a final verdict on which navigation app will take the lead.


The user interface of any app determines how easily the user would be able to access all the features of an app. The Apple Maps user interface is simple and easy to use, with a sleek outlook and small icons. Further, the search bar in Apple Maps is placed at the bottom of the screen which makes it easier to access by using one hand. Apple maps also offer customized icons for various landmarks around the area which is helpful for tourists. 

On the other hand, Google Maps offers a more aesthetically pleasing outlook with larger icons as compared to Apple Maps and brighter colors. The search bar is placed at top of the screen which can be said to be a con, but it doesn’t bother a lot of the users. With brighter colors and bigger icons, Google Maps is comparatively easier to use. An additional feature that only Google Maps provides is ‘star ratings’ for different places such as restaurants or hotels. 


Google Maps uses a satellite view to provide a more realistic look and in comparison, Apple Maps opts for vector graphics. While both Google and Apple Maps provide the necessary information such as traffic blockages, estimated arrival times, and directional arrows along with voice assistant, the preciseness of showing how the current traffic situation affects one’s commute is more accurately displayed by Google Maps. If there is heavy traffic present on the route, Google Maps displays the estimated time in red color. 


Google maps straight away takes the edge over Apple Maps in terms of accuracy. This is because Google Maps has been reported to show very accurate distances and estimated time of arrivals, whereas Apple Maps has shown a weak performance in this area.  Google Maps also provides the estimated times for different modes of transport. For example, if you search for ‘McDonald’s’ closest to your house, Google map will show you how much time it would take for you to reach there by car, bicycle and, even by public transport. Apple Maps unfortunately only offers the estimated times for distances traveled by car. 


Apple is known to restrict its apps to its own devices and because of this, Apple Maps can only be accessed if one owns an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or a Macbook. This restricts the users to a certain level and unlike Apple, its competitor, Google provides its Google Maps application on all android AND apple devices. Google maps can be accessed on almost every smartphone, tablet, or computer easily. 


Some of the unique features offered by both Apple and Google maps are:

  • Dark mode support
  • Google Assistant/SIRI voice assistants
  • Location sharing
  • 3D view of the selected area (Apple Look around/Google street view)

These are common features of the two navigating applications. However, Google maps goes the extra mile to provide its users with an even more helpful feature of sending messages to businesses through the app. This makes it easier for users to communicate with different businesses before reaching the destination. 


By looking at the facts and features of both Apple and Google maps, it can be ascertained that Google maps are the better choice for most users because of its easier interface and more features. However, there are numerous people who prefer the interface of Apple Maps. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. 



Yes, the Google Maps application is supported on Apple car play.


Unfortunately, Apple does not allow its users to sync their Google accounts with the Apple Maps application. Gmail account holders can still connect their accounts with Google Maps where all of their data such as their favorite places and previously traveled routes will automatically be synced. 

Apple Maps vs Google Maps 800 S4 – Know More

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