Cancel sprint wireless-Know More

Sprint wireless is one of the largest cellular network providers. Sprint wireless started its journey with Brown Telephone company. Sprint has low-priced plans as compared to other network providers. Sprint wireless offers mobile phones, tablets, or smartwatches, as devices. As Sprint wireless rant at fourth for being the largest network provider, but even being the network provider, it has poor coverage. It only covers 30% of the US country. Users said that they have experienced many issues with Sprint wireless recently, like slowed data. So, canceling the sprint wireless subscription is a bit resistant, but this article will guide you on how to cancel the sprint wireless service or subscription.

Cancel sprint wireless

Steps to cancel sprint wireless subscription or account

Recently AT&T announced the merger of its network with Sprint wireless. As AT&T has known for its great coverage and speed improvement than sprint wireless. So, if you have decided to cancel your Sprint wireless subscription, then just follow these steps

  • You can cancel your sprint wireless subscription or account by calling Sprints customer support at 888-211-4727 and do a request to a representative to cancel all your subscriptions or services. Representatives may try to convince you by offering some discounts and offers, but if you want to cancel your sprint wireless service, then stick with it. Don’t forget to ask a representative about the fee charge or any other payment. But don’t cancel your phone service with sprint wireless until or unless you convert to another one.
  • You will get a confirmation email after the service cancellation with sprint keep on a call with representatives until you receive an email.
  • You may lose your number and mobile data if you’ve canceled your phone service with sprint, so you need to find another mobile carrier as soon as possible. Sign up online for a new mobile carrier, this process may take some hours after some hours, you’ll receive an email containing the confirmation of service cancellation with sprint.
  • If you don’t want to cancel your services on a call with representatives, then you may go for the in-person option. Visit your nearby sprint store, and at the customer desk, asks to cancel your services with sprint. It’s mandatory to take your ID with you for canceling subscriptions.

Can you cancel sprint wireless service online?

You cannot cancel your services or subscriptions with sprint online. There are only two options from which you can cancel your services with sprint. One is on a call with representatives the second is In-person by visiting the nearby sprint store. You cannot cancel your service with the sprint website, email, or letter.

How to look for an alternative option of sprint wireless?

As you’re canceling your subscriptions with sprint, you must look for an alternative option to continue with alternatives, T-Mobile costs $70 monthly, Consumer cellular costs $60 monthly, or mint mobile costs $15 with 5G. Nowadays, Verizon looks like a good option to adopt, so you can consider it.

Can you cancel your subscriptions with sprint by visiting the sprint store?

You can cancel your services with sprint by customer support or in person. So, if you want to cancel your subscriptions in person, then you can visit your nearby sprint store and use Google Maps to find a nearby sprint store. After entering a sprint store, go to the customer desk and ask to cancel your subscriptions with sprint.

How can you cancel your subscriptions with sprint wireless?

There are two ways to cancel your subscriptions with sprint

  • In-person (by going to a nearby store)
  • On-call with the representative (sprint’s customer support)


Canceling subscriptions or services with sprint seems tricky because you cannot do it online via sprint’s website. You have to go to the sprint store or via customer support. While going to a store for service cancellation, don’t forget to take your ID with you, and when doing cancellation on a call with representatives, make sure to ask about the fee charged if any, and finish the call when you receive an email. 


1) Can you cancel your subscription with sprint via email?

No, you can’t cancel your subscriptions with sprint via email, or online except on call, or in person.

2) How look for a nearby sprint store?

To cancel your subscriptions in person you need to go nearby store, you can find a nearby store with the help of Google Maps. Put the name like sprint store through the nearby option.

3) How much time does it take to switch mobile phone carriers?

If you’ve canceled your all services with sprint, then you’ll have to look for a new mobile phone carrier, it usually takes some hours to be active.

4) How to know if you’ve canceled your subscriptions with sprint?

You’ll receive an email with the confirmation from sprint that states, you’ve canceled your services with sprint.

Cancel sprint wireless-Know More

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