Is Scholarship Points Legit?

Paying for college seems challenging for some individuals who want to obtain a college degree. This is because the monetary demands accompanied by being admitted into a college spirals uncontrollably regardless of the inflating economy. Scholarship Points is completely legit.

Is Scholarship Points Legit?

One would easily recommend getting a scholarship, however, the ever-growing competition in securing a scholarship could be a nightmare. It is a daunting process that scares people.

Unlike the conventional scholarships, scholarshipPoints have a unique process where you can secure a scholarship worth $1000 or $10,000 by carrying out activities that are less strenuous and time-consuming in comparison and could be exciting.

Interesting right? Keep reading as we dive into details you’ll need to know about scholarshipPoints if legit and of course how you can win.

What is ScholarshipPoints?

ScholarshipPoint is a program founded in 1998 by, Edvisor a renowned expert in higher education with resources to help individuals plan and pay for college.

This program offers chances to students to win scholarships through membership and a point-based system. According to the program they have provided scholarships worth $1 million since 2006.

How do ScholarshipPoints work?

As stated earlier, scholarshipPoints is a membership program for United States residents who are over 13 years of age. Also, members are usually students who are either enrolled in a college or about to be as the scholarship funds are paid into the financial aid office

If you meet the eligibility requirements and are interested in this program, you can proceed to sign up by filling out the form and creating an account which is a super easy process. By doing this, you are ready to start completing activities, earning points, and redeeming them as points are the qualifier for entering scholarship draws.

How to win points?

Signing up as a member of this program is just like stepping the mile toward winning a scholarship. Members qualify for scholarship draws by winning points. This is achievable by carrying out daily activities on the platform. This includes;

  • Solving puzzles and playing games.
  • Completing surveys.
  • Signing up for other scholarships giveaway.
  • Reading Blogs.
  • Scrolling through social media pages.
  • Visiting partners website
  • Participating in the contest.

How do ScholarshipPoints select winners?

With how the program works, knowing how it selects winners becomes a bothering question. This is because you wouldn’t want to spend so much time on what is not promising.

Earning points qualifies you to receive an entry ticket for the scholarship draws or finely put “sweepstakes”.

Spending points on draws generate more entries for you in a contest and this increases your chances, this is why it is advisable to get as many points as possible. At the end of the contest, the computer picks a random winner.

In a nutshell, ScholarshipPoints selects a winner randomly, which can be translated as luck.

A call is put through to a winner to claim his or her prize and if not claimed within three days, a new winner is generated, again, randomly.

How Legit are ScholarshipPoints?

According to Edvisors, the founding company for scholarship points, it is admitted to be completely legit. carried an acclaimed statistic of awarding scholarships worth $1 million since 2006 which is done monthly and quarterly.

Additionally, their winner’s wall is said to have a comprehensive list of beneficiaries. However, critics have suggested that the program is a scam. This claims borders around its unique process in offering scholarships which entails completing surveys at the risk of students’ data which is shared with a third party for profiting.


ScholarshipPoints is a program that offers exciting activities and a chance to win a scholarship. If you are an individual without time constraints and don’t mind sharing some data with a third party for possibly promotions or generating leads, then this is just right.

Imagine doing this and getting away with money to fund an aspect of your degree. Additionally, ScholarshipPoints offers learning opportunities to its members. So you are not scrolling mindlessly but being productive doing so. A win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get money from the scholarship directly?

No, you do not get money directly from the program. If you win, the money is sent to your school’s financial aid office. This stresses the importance of being enrolled or about to be in a college when signing up as a member.

2. Can a high schooler participate in ScholarshipPoints?

Yes. The eligible age is over 13, this accommodates high or middle schoolers. There is a provision to send your winning to a qualified college saving plan instead.

3. How many scholarships are available in ScholarshipPoints?

ScholarshipPoints offers scholarships worth $1000 and $10,000. This can be obtained monthly and quarterly respectively. All scholarship contest is featured on the website with their name, amount, provider, and date of contest.

Is Scholarship Points Legit?

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