What Are Bluebird Complaints?

The Bluebird came into being when American Express and Walmart company came together to join forces. Bluebird is a financial service that is best for people who are not ready to have a traditional bank account or are not eligible to apply for a bank account. Bluebird gives a card that helps you pay for services with the money you have in the account. This card is not a credit card but a prepaid debit card. Lets know about “What Are Bluebird Complaints?”.

What Are Bluebird Complaints?

True, Bluebird is a great substitute for a traditional bank account, but still, there have been many complaints over the years about Bluebird. A good number of Bluebird complaints are about the card’s cost and the amount used to set up the account. Other complaints are about the negligence Bluebird shows in attending to customers’ needs while complaining about missing funds. Bluebird customer service usually takes customers who make a complaint round and round. They refer them to Walmart, and Walmart takes them through another endless journey.

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In this article, we’ll be exploring the complaints made by customers who use Bluebird and how to make a complaint.

Absence of an English-speaking customer Service Attendant

For an American-based financial service, English must be the general language that customer attendants speak. Customers complain bitterly about how attendants aren’t able to speak English, causing a serious language barrier, hence making matters worse. According to customers, the customer service attendants speak the Asian language. Since this complaint has been made, Bluebird is still to do anything about it or employ English-speaking ambassadors.

Failure To Register Card After Paying 

It can be challenging to pay for a card worth $5 and not have it registered. Nobody is happy to spend money without seeing its value. Customers have complained that their cards haven’t been registered after paying, and there’s no representative to talk to. If you ever get to talk to a non-English speaking rep, you are kept on hold for less than 3 hours.

No Access To Check Balance

What’s the need to have a bank account if you can’t track how much you’ve spent and how much is left in your balance? Bluebird customers gave this institute a one-star due to this challenge. According to them, they can’t check their balance on the app. This started ever since the app was updated. The app ceased to be functional.

Yet, no human to speak to for this to be resolved.

Selective ATM 

The Bluebird card doesn’t work with every ATM except for American Express and Walmart Stores. Customers have complained during emergencies about being unable to use the card. This makes the card worthless at this time.

Incompetent Staffs

The worst thing a company can have is to have staff that is not up to the standard to meet needs when they arise. A major dissatisfaction of customers is that when a complaint is made if anyone answers at all, the staff have no clue what to do or say. This has saddened many customers.

Money On Hold

Imagine making a transfer for a service or a payment, and the transfers are held severally, meaning the transaction doesn’t reflect; very frustrating. Many customers do complain of held funds without a reversal.

Difficulty Contacting Bluebird to Make Complaints

Bluebird is known for either hanging up on you, keeping your call on hold, or telling you to speak with Walmart about a pressing need. You contact Bluebird online. You never hear back from them. Or, they’ll tell you Walmart should handle this problem.

This has been a major challenge.

Problem With Refund

Unlike other traditional banks that take about 2 to 3 working days to make a refund, Bluebird takes forever to make a refund. If you can’t deal with this, search for other prepaid cards. 

Customers Locked Out Of Account

Customers with money in their accounts have complained about being locked out of their accounts for no reason. Even at this, no human to talk to. 

Bad App

The basic functionalities of a good app are absent in the Bluebird app. There is no place to make transfers, which hasn’t been fixed in a while. Even when logged in, you are redirected to the website. 

Allegedly Applying for Loans With Customer’s Private Details.

Bluebird has been accused of using customers’ details to take loans. This can be termed stealing from customers and is very punishable. 


You can get a Bluebird card by signing up at the Bluebird website or the Walmart store. To sign up for this card, you must be a United States citizen and above 18 years of age. 

The card is not a credit card and can be used in a few ATMs in any Walmart local store.

However, It’s advisable to check reviews before going for a product and a service. If, after checking the reviews, you are persuaded to use the service or the good, then what to expect next is yours to handle.

Bluebird has complaints cannot be overlooked, especially for an intending customer.

Do yourself well and review the reviews and the complaints before signing up and issuing a card.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much is the maximum amount to put in my Bluebird account?

The maximum amount to put in a Bluebird account is $100,000. You wouldn’t want to know what happens if you do otherwise. If you are curious to know, you can read more on the Bluebird website.

2) How much does Bluebird Charge?

Bluebird doesn’t charge any monthly fee or remove any amount for buying goods on the debit card. 

They charge $0 for getting the card online. However, you must pay $5 to get the card in a Walmart store.  

For cash reloads at Walmart and other participating retailers, a fee of $0 is charged. 

Bluebird also charges $0 for direct deposit. 

What Are Bluebird Complaints?

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