UberX Vs UberXL-Know more

Most people who require a ride on-demand probably use a rideshare service. Uber is one of the most popular rideshare services in the world right now. Booking a ride with Uber is very easy. All you need to do is download the app, tap your screen a couple of times, and before you know it, a driver has arrived at your location, ready to take you to your destination. Not only is this method of transportation more convenient than a taxi, but it also comes in cheaper. For those willing to go further, you might also lay down some cash to get more luxury and premium service during your ride. Let’s know more about UberX Vs UberXL.

UberX Vs UberXL

Both UberX and UberXL are special services offered by Uber to passengers who request more privacy during a trip to a particular place. Both of these services are significantly different from the service offered by other rideshare services. An UberXL ride for example carries its passengers in large vehicles. Since they both offer more premium service, their price, availability, and passenger-carrying capacity is bound to be different. 

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This service transports passengers from their locations to their destinations in private sedans. An UberX ride allows for a maximum of four passengers. These features all come at the cost of a regular taxi. UberX is accessible to all states in the United States and is perhaps the most used Uber option for both passengers and drivers. When you request a ride through the Uber app without altering any of the options, you’ll receive an UberX ride.


This service is similar to the UberX service. The major difference is the vehicle used to transport riders. Whereas UberX uses sedans, UberXL uses larger vehicles. Riders who request an UberXl are usually greeted with a van or SUV capable of carrying up to six passengers at once. The UberXL service has no limit on the number of passengers. This service can also be used to transport large items such as luggage that might not fit in a smaller ride.

Comparison between UberX and UberXL

  1. Pricing: Due to the added features of a larger capacity for both passengers and items, the UberXL costs more. Another reason for the UberXL being more expensive is the high cost associated with operating the vehicle used in this type of ride. For example, an UberXL ride from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park might cost up to $49 while that same ride in an UberX car would cost about $35.
  2. Popularity/Availability: When you want to take a ride and you go into the phone app, you are more likely to find an UberX ride than an UberXL. This might be due to the simple fact that most drivers have vehicles that meet the requirement for an UberX ride. Also, there are very few riders who use the UberXL service. People rarely travel in large groups so it is only logical to order a cheaper alternative.
  3. Accessibility: Both of these services are relatively, equally accessible. However, for some people with reduced mobility, it might depend on their situation to determine if it would be easier to get in and out of a van or a sedan. It is illegal for an Uber driver to restrict you from bringing in equipment to ease your mobility. 
  4. Carrying capacity: Without any argument, UberXL is the better service when it comes to carrying passengers. The space in large vehicles can be used to carry more riders or luggage, depending on the needs of the rider. It is advisable to inform the driver of what you’ll be using your extra space for upon requesting the ride.
  5. Vehicle: UberX vehicles are usually sedans and they include cars such as the BMW 3-series, Chevrolet Tahoe, the Dodge Charger, and the Honda Crosstour. UberXL vehicles are usually larger and include the Acura MDX, the Honda Pilot, the Lincoln Navigator, the Ford Explorer, and the Tesla Model X.
  6. Overall experience: Both services will provide a similar experience. Although riding in a larger car gives more space to move, riding in a smaller car is not a bad thing.

Both of these Uber services are wonderful to use not just because of the comfort they offer but also because of how cheap the services are compared to other ridesharing services. 


Uber has provided the X and XL classes of service to cater to their customers. These services have different features and thus attend to the needs of different riders. For those who would like a private, budget-friendly option to travel, the Uber X is the best for them. On the other hand, those who want to travel with their family or have to travel with a large amount of baggage can make use of the UberXL service. If you have doubts about using any of these services, you can always seek clarification from your driver on what service might suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Do passengers get ratings in Uber?

Yes. Drivers are not the only ones who can be rated on Uber. As a passenger, your driver can also rate you.

  • How does a passenger get a bad rating on Uber?

By doing what the driver considers bad behavior. This includes slamming the door too hard, throwing up in the car, making out in the car, or playing your music too loud. 

  • What kind of cars is acceptable for the UberX service?

Cars that have 4 doors and are 2004 or newer. 

  • Does Uber operate for 24 hours?

Yes, they do but this might not be the same in all regions. Some places have more traffic, so, there might always be Uber drivers ready to pick them up.

UberX Vs UberXL-Know more

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