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Uber has won the hearts of many travel lovers from every corner of the world since its inception in 2009.  It first began in March 2009, in San Francisco, California by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Today it is serving in more than 70 countries worldwide. They provide several services including Vehicle for hire, Food delivery services called Uber Eats, Courier, Freight transport, Package delivery, etc. Apart from all uber is widely known for its cab services, and is associated with many active travelers. It is comfortable and affordable and liked by all. They offer hygienic customer services that one can rely on with their eyes closed for a smooth journey to their destination. Let us discuss Uber Customer Service in this article.

Uber Customer Service


Uber is located worldwide including; 

  • The United States of America and Canada 
  • Latin America
  • The Asia Pacific 
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa


Listed below is the list of customer services provided by Uber; 

  • Health and hygiene: 

Uber supports a healthy mode of transportation. The quality of the leased car services is satisfactory to the travelers. The interior is clean and fragrant and all safety procedures are followed. The seat covers are spotless and stain-free. Uber takes care of its employees’ hygiene.

  • Disciplined approach (“Always on time”): 

Uber drivers are disciplined and well-behaved. Before being hired for the position, they usually undergo a series of screening processes and several tests. As a result, all of the drivers are guaranteed to be disciplined in their work to provide the greatest service possible. They are always on time unless an emergency arises while they are on their way. 

They always have remedies in case of an emergency by presenting some alternatives. Maybe someone else can pick you up instead of the person who was assigned to you. However, in such a case the customer is always notified of any change. The drivers are proud of their profession since it has the potential to positively impact other people’s lives.

  • Background and linguistics: 

Uber drivers are multi-lingual. They come from a decent background and know-how to communicate well. Most of the drivers are well versed in at least three languages. However, they consider speaking in English the most. They all speak well and don’t use any abusive language. But if in any case, you find your Uber driver to be abusive and using ugly language you must always complain about the driver to the authority.

 To be on the safer side, always take a screenshot of certain information like the driver’s name, phone number, vehicle registration number, the type of the car, or it’s color. For any kind of emergency, you can contact the Uber customer service center at 800-353-8237 or 866-576-1039. 

  • Comfortable rides: 

Uber provides comfortable rides. Most of the time vehicles run smoothly and the ride is based on customers’ preferences. You are free to specify the preferences like Temperature or Conversation,  which will appear in your Uber app when your driver arrives at the pickup location. You can decide to choose whether you want to keep the air conditioner on or travel without it.  

  • Accurate navigation: 

The Uber drivers are well aware of the surroundings and knowledgeable about the directions. For convenience, they also keep their GPS navigation turned on, which guides the driver and their passengers regarding the routes that must be taken to reach the desired destination. 

  • App facilities: 

With the official Uber app, you can track your can that will be shown on the screen via a map. The app also shows the time of arrival time for pickup and drop-off services. Everything is transparent and nothing is hidden. You can book a cab anytime at any hour of the day. Services are available 24/7.  There are many cabs available, and you can easily choose your preferences for a comfortable journey. 

Payment options: 

Customers can choose from a variety of payment options and plans offered by Uber. Their trip fare is tailored to the individual’s preferences and is reasonably priced. The ultimate fare is calculated using the total fare for a journey. If you choose a four-seater, the fee will be different than for someone who chooses two-seaters. The charge will also increase as the distance increases. If you want an air conditioner, you may have to pay more.

Uber offers discounts such as a free first ride or a free ride after booking 5 rides through the app, as well as gift cards and other flexible payment alternatives.

Varied payment options are available at Uber. One can pay using any of the following listed below; 

  • Cash 
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Digital wallets 
  • Uber gift cards


Uber provides excellent customer service and is reliable when you are seeking a short or long journey. Customers are always satisfied with their journey. Their plans are affordable and you never have to wait for your cab. 

Uber Customer Service – know more interesting facts

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