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Fossil makes your experience of shopping successful and worthwhile. Fossil provides you with online shopping with the return of shipping charges if the customer has complaints about their product. Fossil allows you to raise a request from where you buy your product with a full refund according to their return policies, which depends on the location and in which part of the world you are because Fossil have a different return policy for different countries.

Fossil Return Policy

Fossil Return Policy : In Brief

If it provides you with a good shopping experience, and if you are not happy, they will provide you a way to raise a request. They have the window open till 90 days from your order date. For this, you should have the invoice for your product for the refund process. When you provide all the required things, they will return your money. They have policies for returning their item, which can differ for different countries.

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 Fossil Return Policy: Detailed Explanation

They will extend up to 90 days. During your return period, you can return your item & tell them for a return. For this, you must have a receipt or invoice. If you do not have one, then they will give you store credit. You can use this for further purchases from Fossil. They will check certain conditions during the return process so that the product should not be damaged. It should be in good condition.

  • All items that you buy in Canada or the US. The product should not be used or worn. You should have the proof of purchasing the product, & an invoice. You have a return window open for 30 or 90 days due to holidays.
  • The items that you buy in other countries like Austria, the UK, Italy, Germany, and France. They have policies like the product should be in original packaging, should not be used, worn & must have the invoice. They have 30 days to return the item.
  • The items that were customized by you, like the watches and the final sale items, are not part of the return policy because they cannot be returned.
  • The product that contains hygiene products like accessories are also not allowed to be returned.

Returning process

You can follow the two processes:

  1. By online
  • Go to their site, create your account and do signup and log in.
  • They will ask for your number, email, and zip code.
  • Then navigate to the order status.
  • Click on the “return an item” button.
  • They will process your order.
  • They will send you a confirmation along with their label. Download that one.
  • Now you have to ship your order to their address with the label that they sent you during your return request.
  1. By going physically to their store:
  • You have to go to their website.
  • Use their nearby locator.
  • Check out your nearby store.
  • Go to a nearby shop with your invoice.
  • Tell them that you want to return the purchased item.
  • Tell them the reason behind your return.
  • After this, they will provide you with a cashback.

If you want to return your item, so you should be very careful while carrying it. While the return process is underway, the store will check the condition of their item. If they find any damage, they will cancel your return request immediately. Their policies may vary differently for different countries. With their policy, they will also provide your full shipping charges. If there is a delay in processing your return request, then no need to panic, because there may be so many requests in-line and due to COVID, their process may be delayed. Also, keep in mind that if you are returning your item after your return period ends, then there will be no guarantee that you will get your money back. So be very attentive when purchasing. If somehow you don’t like them, be careful to return your product without causing any damage. 


They will provide you with a good experience with their outstanding services. However, if you find the items you purchased are defective, you can request a refund. Their policies may vary differently for different countries. Both Canada and the US have a ninety-day return policy due to the extension of holidays. In Australia, they have a 30-day policy. In European countries, they have 44 days to return. The main plus point of this policy is that you will get a refund as well as shipping charges. They will also fully refund you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Do they accept the return of online orders in a nearby store?

A.1: Yes, you can return them, but you must carry the invoice for your product.

Q.2: Does Fossil give the full refund?

A.2: Yes, if your product is not damaged and in the return period, then you will easily get your full refund.

Fossil Return Policy – Know More

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