Modern Fit VS Slim Fit-Which Fits Better?

Introduction Paragraph:

Modern Fit VS Slim Fit. The way you dress reveals who you are. Some people don’t care about their dressing, but their clothes can easily speak for them. Therefore, it is very important to follow the fashion trends as it is the articulation of our personalities. And with the evolution of fashion, every single person wants to catch up with the latest fashion trends. The way you look also boosts your confidence and self-esteem. So, everyone needs to understand now Which Fits Better? – Modern Fit VS Slim Fit, how to dress according to their body type and body shape. The most critical moment for dressing well for a man is making sure the clothes fit.

Which Fits Better? - Modern Fit VS Slim Fit

Which Fits Better? – Modern Fit VS Slim Fit

Even if you are not in a good body shape, you can look good if the clothes fit well. For menswear suits, there are a wide range of styles, designs, types, and colors. Out of which, modern fit and slim fit suits are also the styles of menswear suits. Now, it is very important to understand what is the difference between modern fit and slim fit. As many people get confused in sizing. So, we can say that both are different styles of fitting in menswear. But the most common thing that differentiates a modern fit suit from a slim fit suit is the cut on the chest.

Modern Fit:

The modern fit suit offers a neat silhouette, strong body shape, and sharp overall appearance. It is categorized as primarily trimmed suit cut. It is beneficial as it has no tight cut which is comfortable and easy to use. But at the same time, it gives an on-trend appearance. You can casually wear this in your office routine too.

Slim Fit:

One of the tightest fitting styles in menswear suits is known as slim fit suits. The slim-fit suite offers a tapered silhouette, trimmed and fit closure, and eye-catchy appearance. It is mainly for men who have skinny body types with a smaller frame. It helps you in giving an extremely elegant look. But it can also bound your body movement somehow. This type of style is more favored and trendy among youngsters.

Modern Fit VS Slim Fit:

As you already know about the modern fit and slim fit suits, so, it depends on you what you want to wear. But still, I’ll further explain the differences between modern fit and slim fit suits for your ease. Now, let’s dive into the main differences between; Which Fits Better? – Modern Fit VS Slim Fit


Modern fit and slim fit, both have fitted shoulders, but the slim fit suit offers fitted shoulders with contoured angles.


Modern fit suits are designed in a way that they have high armholes. On the other hand, slim-fit suits refer to relaxed armholes.


In modern fit, we have fuller, fitted sleeves that are not tapered. On the contrary, slim-fit suits have tapered sleeves towards the wrist.


The modern fit suits are fitted through the chest. Also, it has more room for the chest and shoulders. While slim-fit suits are slimmer through the chest and give a more structured appearance.


It is the kind of suit that sits low on the waist but is not tapered. So, for business meetings, it is highly recommended. However, slim-fit suits possess a tapered waist with a small amount of additional fabric.

Lapels of jacket:

They both have thinner lapels as compared to regular fit suits. But if we compare the modern-fit and slim-fit, slim-fit suit jackets are somewhat slimmer. The modern-fit lapels measure 3 inches, whereas slim-fit lapels measure 2.5 inches.

Length of Jacket:

The length of the slim-fit jacket is slightly shorter than that of the modern fit jacket.

Hips and thigh area:

The modern-fit suits are tapered through hips and thighs. On the other hand, slim-fit suits are slimmer through the thighs.


The modern fit pants fall in a straight line from knee to ankle. On the contrary, slim-fit pants are more tapered down the waist.


It is concluded that people who want to have sharp look with a looser and relaxed cut are more likely to prefer modern fit suits. But slim-fit suits are more tapered, so the people who have skinnier built can carry this kind of look easily. Modern-fit suits are more popular among businessmen, and professionals. On the other hand, slim-fit suits are more favored by rock stars and athletes. It is stated that modern fitted suits are more common because the majority find slim fit suits too tight and classic suits too loose, so modern-fit suits are the way to go.

  1. Can a big guy wear a slim-fit suit?

Of course, they can. Instead of wearing loose dresses, they can mold their dresses according to their size and body shape for an elegant appearance. 

  1. Who can wear modern-fit suits better?

Anyone can wear modern-fit suits, but you have to know how to carry your style.

Modern Fit VS Slim Fit-Which Fits Better?

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