What Kind Of Pet Insurance Does Costco Offer?

Insurance is a much-needed thing right now in today’s time. Every person wants that, his loved beings will get insured from all kinds of threats to health or accidents. Thus, if you love your pets then you also have to get them insured. As they are your whole heart who and serve you will all their respect and with courage as well. In this article, we will see about ‘What Kind Of Pet Insurance Does Costco Offer?’.

What Kind Of Pet Insurance Does Costco Offer?

What Kind Of Pet Insurance Does Costco Offer?

For this, Costco is offering pet insurance to the pets of its members. They protect the pets like cats and dogs. Costco is a warehouse which offers products at low prices from the market to its members only and also provides pet insurance to them. Here article tells you about the deep study of pet insurance. 

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What is Costco Pet Insurance?

Costco pet insurance covers cats and dogs only and its plan covers the cost of veterinary, accidents or any kind of illness that pets faced. This is all covered under the Figo pet insurance company. 

Plans that Costco Pet insurance covers

Costco pet insurance provides various kinds of plans to ensure the pets of the members. The following types of insurance are:

1. Essential plan

2. Preferred plan. 

3. Unlimited plan. 

Here is the brief of the above plans:

1. Essential plan: according to this plan, there will be annual coverage of $5000 per year for pet veterinary bills. It is the minimum plan of the Costco insurance policy. 

2. Preferred plan: it costs $10000 per year for the bill of pet veterinary. 

3. Ultimate plan: this plan offers an unlimited amount of coverage for the bill of the pet’s veterinarian. 

These plans offer reimbursement per cent of 70,80,90 and 100 with $100 to $1500 deducted upon the age of the pet’s cat.

Costco also provides discounts on the pet insurance to those who are the members of Costco business, they enjoy a discount of 15% 

These plans have a minimum coverage of $5000 and there is no age limit for the pets and the eligible pets are cats and dogs only. 

What does Costco Pet Insurance cover? 

Costco pet insurance covers the following things:

1. Illness or any kind of injury.

2. Dental disease

3. Treatment for behavioural problems. 

4. Monthly check-up

5. Daily routine wellness 

6. Surgeries

7. chronic conditions

8. Congenital conditions

9. Hereditary conditions

10. Imaging

11. Physical therapy

What does Costco pet insurance not cover? 

Costco pet insurance does not cover the following situations:

1. Breeding

2. Organ transplants

3. Dentist daily check-up

4. Intentionally injured 

5. Pre-existing conditions

How to claim Costco pet insurance?

The claiming process is very easy. You don’t have to run from here to there just collect all bills which you paid during the injury or any kind of accident of your pet. Once the waiting period is over, that is 14 days for illness, one day for an injury and six months for any orthopaedic situation. Then you can easily claim online through the app and submit all the bills. It does not take too much time, once the bills got reviewed you will get your claim directly into your account.

Benefits of Costco Pet Insurance

The Costco pet insurance offers many benefits, if your pet suffers from any kind of injury or accident which cost a high amount for the treatment of the pet then this insurance policy will help you at that time.

Is Costco pet insurance good?

If you have any questions regarding this, then just think if the pet got insured with all the accidents and injuries then it will be good for you that you have not to pay the bills. They provide you with the facility 24/7 and are always ready to clear the query. It is beneficial for both the owner and the pet.

Costco’s Pet insurance advantage

  1. It works on a short-term basis.
  2. Pet insurance is available all over the world.
  3. No age restrictions for the pets to get insured.
  4. Provides claim fastest within 1-4 days.
  5. Does not require any kind of physical exams for the pets.

Costco’s Pet Insurance disadvantages

  1. It charges $2 as monthly transaction fees.
  2. It provides expensive policy premiums.
  3. Also charges expensive premiums for senior cats and dogs


Now we have learnt ‘What Kind Of Pet Insurance Does Costco Offer?’, Costco is a warehouse which provides its members with the best services. To provide more compatibility to its members they tie up with Figo pet insurance to provide insurance for the pets of their members. It is the first corporation who is providing Pet insurance. This insurance helps in many kinds of situations which provide medical facilities to the pets of the members and they provide the discount as well. This provides the best medical treatment to pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which insurance is best for the pets? 

Figo pet insurance is among the top ones and is very famous for a short period. 

2. Does pre-existing conditions also accepted under the pet insurance policy? 

No, any pre-existing disease or condition will not be accepted by the insurance company as happened in the past. 

3. Does Costco pet insurance also provides you with an online facility.

 Costco Pet insurance launched the app called “Figo Pet Could” which offers all the services online.

What Kind Of Pet Insurance Does Costco Offer?

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