Foot Locker Price Match Adjustment – Know More

Price is an excellent determinant of sales. It can either promote sales or reduce them. Companies have policies to help them stay in the market and offer the best services. The policies include Price Match and Price Adjustment. Price match means trying to sell an item at the same price or even less as the company’s competitors, while Price Adjustment helps to adjust the price. Foot Locker, at the moment, does not offer the price match policy; instead, they offer price adjustment. It is essential to know when and how they offer the price adjustment. This article will guide you to know when you are eligible for a price adjustment and to go about it.

Foot Locker Price Match Adjustment - Know More

What does Foot Locker do?

Generally, people have been showing great interest in sneakers. Sneakers provide the great 3’Cs; cool, classic, and comfortable. With your sneakers, you are good to go looking nice and presentable. 

Foot Locker is a well-known brand that provides nice and affordable footwear, including sneakers. Foot Locker delivers footwear that is comfortable and durable. The customer service at Foot Locker is top-notch, and you have various options to pick from. Among shoppers, the company has good ratings and reviews.

Foot Locker, among other brands, provides good ethical practices, diversity commitment, and excellent environmental practices.

What is Price Match?

Price Matching entails reducing the price of an item to match that of competing companies. Many companies use this policy to keep their customers and stay in the market. Customers tend to remain loyal to a company that provides all they want at a reduced price. Price Match helps to boost companies’ sales and leads to more significant ROIs. However, failure to implement the policy properly might lead to losing customers to other companies. It can also lead to reduced profit and might affect the company. 

What is Price Adjustment?

Price Adjustment is a policy that allows a company to pay a refund on any item purchased and has a price reduction within ten days of purchase. Price Adjustment Policy adjusts the price to match the reduced price in the same company. As much as this policy helps pull traffic to your store, using it frequently might after the company.

As stated earlier, Foot Locker, as a company, does not offer Price Match but Price Adjustment.

When are you eligible for a Price Adjustment at Foot Locker?

A customer is eligible for a Price Adjustment in Foot Locker when there is a reduction in price or a sale on an item purchased from the company. The following criteria must be met before you apply for a price adjustment.

1. Sales Price

Before filing for a Price Adjustment, you must have paid for the item in full. Partial payment will make you ineligible for the adjustment

2. Time-bound

Time matters a lot in price adjustment policy. To file for one, you must have purchased the item within ten days of filing the price adjustment. File for an adjustment within the ten days 

Note: no request will be honored after ten days

3. Original Receipt

You must be able to produce your receipt of item purchase to file for adjustment. Failure to do so means no refund. Once you meet these, Foot Locker will give you a refund.

Additional ways to save money at Foot Locker

Everyone gets happy when they can shop and also save some money. Foot Locker provides fantastic deals for its customers. Apart from Price Adjustment, you can still use either of these options to save some money when you shop at Foot Locker:

1. Discounts

Foot Locker makes discounts available to students and military officers.

2. Coupons 

Foot Locker provides coupons for their customers, which goes a long way in their saving plan. With coupons, you can quickly get discounts on the company’s website.


With codes like APPLEPAY, it is possible for customers at Foot Locker to save up to 15% on their purchases.

4. Signing up

Signing up in the company gives access to direct alerts on emails to tell customers of sales dates and available discounts, while messages will give up to 20% off your next purchase.


Foot Locker does not offer Price Match for their customers but offers Price Adjustment. You cannot choose wrongly by shopping with the company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a discount at Foot Locker as a government worker?

Foot Locker offers discounts to its customers but only for students and military officers. The deal does not apply to a government worker. As a government worker, you can wait for ‘Sales’ or use other options to enjoy discounts on your next shopping trip.

Will I get my refund if I file for a Price Adjustment?

Foot Locker will be glad to give you a refund on your purchase once you can file for the adjustment before ten days run out and also provide your original receipt.

Foot Locker Price Match Adjustment – Know More

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