How To Connect Virgin Tivo Box To TV?

The United Kingdom is known for its availability of many intriguing channels with wonderful content and its numerous brands of cable TV which offer a wide range of TV stations to the people of the UK and beyond. Virgin TV is a digital cable Tv within the United Kingdom owned by two companies, Telefonica and Liberty. It was established in 2006 and was converted to Virgin TV in 2007 which is the name of the company today. Learn how to connect the Virgin Tivo box to the TV.

How To Connect Virgin Tivo Box To TV?

This company has over 300 tv channels encompassed in it which means you can have an access to all the channels ponce you are subscribed to their TV network. Although, there are different packages for the subscription to the channels. 

Virgin Tivo box is one of the gadgets produced by this company that enables you to receive signals and relay them to the TV set.  Although, it is most popular in the United States and is one of the first devices that help you enjoy a video viewing experience by allowing you to pause, play, back forward and continue a video. 

However, it is now an obsolete appliance. Firstly, it is possible to connect your tivo box to the Tv through many means but the easiest means will be discussed in-depth in this article.

How To Connect Virgin Tivo Box To TV? 

To connect the virgin tivo box to your TV set, you will need to go through a few steps. There 5 major steps to follow, they are;

  • Checking the parts for Completion
  • Double-checking the internet access connection
  • Connecting the box to the cables
  • Connecting the tivo box and the TV with the use of HDMI.
  • Switching on and operating the tivo box and the TV and the final setup.

To connect, the steps will be followed carefully one after the other to ensure that there are no chances of any omission.

Checking the parts- At this stage, you got to examine all the appliances and accessories that came with the box. 

Some of the accessories to expect and inspect for completion includes

  • The tivo box
  • The remote control of the box
  • The power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • Cable adaptor
  • Ethernet cable

Crosschecking the internet access-

At this point, you must check to ensure that the broadband connection you have is active and not corrupted. 

To check the activeness of the broadband connection, ensure the cable is correctly plugged in and check for intactness of the power cable connection, remove and re-insert the Ethernet cable to verify.

Connecting the boxes to the Cables- 

The next thing to be done is the connection of the coaxial cable to the box with the use of a white-colored cable. Ensure it is tightly plugged. Plug in the Ethernet cable from the broadband device. 

Plug in the yellow-colored adaptor to the tivo box and ensure it makes a click sound which signifies a secure connection. You can also use a Wi-Fi connection to connect the broadband to the tivo box in case an Ethernet cable is not available.

Connecting TV and tivo with HDMI- 

This is one of the crucial steps in the connection of the tivo to your television. It is arguably the easiest too. Simply connect one end of the HDMI to the tivo box and the other end to the TV tightly. 

Switching on the Tivo and TV and the final setup- 

At this stage, you need to plug the power cable into the power outlet first, then into the tivo box. Then switch on the TiVo box. 

Next is to switch on the television by connecting the power cable to the socket and then to the television and also switch on the TV. The next thing is to use the TV remote to control the TV from here. 

On successfully switching on both devices, the screen will display a welcome page and the TV will update automatically installing the latest channels and waiting for its completion. You are good to go for an amazing viewing experience.


In as much as telecommunication, networking, and internet connections are concerned, these are the main routes of communication around the world. A great deal of attention needs to be paid to these segments and enhance them.

By ensuring an adequate supply of their devices which is what virgin tivo box is dedicated to and its company is focused on doing this too.

  • Which other TV services can I connect to my TV set?

Apart from itv hub, Cable TV and decoder-used TVs like DSTV, Frontier TV, and HITv are available for use in the United States of America and can be connected to your TV set most of the time.

How To Connect Virgin Tivo Box To TV?

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