Best Antennas For Cord Cutters

It is common knowledge that the price of subscribing to satellite and cable is becoming more expensive by the day. This has led homes to find more ways to enjoy these services without spending so much. Options such as free-to-air TV have seen an increase in use due to this increase. People who opted for this option have found it quite surprising that digital TV has such good quality. Digital TV also has a decent selection of channels. Let’s know the best antennas for cord cutters.

Best Antennas For Cord Cutters

The number of American households that have opted to cut cords and depart from subscribing to satellite or cable television has gradually increased. But to enjoy the service free-to-air provides, you have to get an antenna. To enjoy the best service, you need the best equipment. Some of the best antennae in the market today include the Winegard Amped antenna, the Antennas Direct DB8e, the Antennas Direct Clearstream, and the Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Antenna.

Top Antennas

  1. Winegard FlatWave Amped: This antenna can pull more channels than most antennas in the market right now. The signals this antenna receives are also stronger than some others. The antenna comes with an amplifier which can help get you a greater range but the antenna is also shipped with a lot of cables which might make for a messy appearance. Another pro of this antenna is its clear picture quality.
  2. Antennas Direct DB8e: This antenna also has quality reception. Although it is large, the clever design allows it to receive both strong and weak signals. This is enabled due to its antenna arrays. You could also point the two antennas in different directions to better receive channels. This antenna is not designed for receiving TV stations on the VHF band.
  3. Winegard Elite 7550: At higher signals, this antenna is capable of receiving more broadcast channels than most other antennas. An amplifier is built into the antenna and this makes it perform similarly well on UHF and VHF bands. However, due to its size, the antenna is better suited outside the house.
  4. Antennas Direct 91XG: If you need an antenna that is best mounted on a roof, this is one of the best options. This antenna also receives weak signals well and can be made to face two directions at once. You however need a strong mount due to the size of the antenna. The antenna can be assembled easily if you decide to do it yourself.
  5. Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max: This is a large antenna than most and it is not as good at catching stations but it is still a good choice for cord-cutters. Due to its design, it can receive multiple signals at once. This is essential for those that reside in a place where there are stations in different places. This antenna lacks an amplifier, so if you want to get weak channels, you might have to purchase one. 
  6. Channel Master Smartenna+: In today’s world, it seems to have become easy to use the word “smart” to define anything but when it comes to describing the Samrtenna+, it is befitting. The antenna is fitted with a tuner. This tuner allows you to change the pattern of reception of the antenna to get as many stations as it can. Take note, this antenna is on the heavy side.
  7. Channel Master Flatenna 35: If you are fortunate to reside close to a station’s broadcast tower, you can get the Channel Master Flatenna antenna. It is cheap and has customer support that responds to queries on time. The build of the antenna might not add to the aesthetic of your living room. The price is the most amazing thing about this antenna with one going for about $18, shipping included.
  8. Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna: This is one of the most popular indoor antennas in the country. Coming at $60, the antenna can get HD channels within a radius of 60 miles. Accompanying the antenna is a 10 ft. coaxial cable and a USB cable which makes placing it in your household very easy.
  9. ANTOP AT-500SBS HD Smart Bar: This is an antenna on the expensive side. However, purchasing this antenna will provide you with enough value for your money. It has an impressive signal radius of 80 miles. The antenna also comes with a tuner, a filter to avoid too much pixelation, and the capability to connect 2 devices at once.


Before now, antennas were the only option available to customers who wanted to watch the news or Super Bowl. Nowadays, there are other options such as satellite TV and streaming platforms. These options however come at a hefty price. This brings people back to the antenna option. As entertainment evolved, so did antennas. You can now get stylish antennas that do not mess up the decor of your living area. Antennas also come in different forms and their technology has been upgraded for customers to enjoy the best entertainment from free-to-air channels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of cable is needed for an antenna? 

Coax cables are the best for antennas. Sometimes, the coax cable that came with your satellite receiver can be used for the antenna. If it does not work, you could get a new one. 

  1. Which type of antenna gives the best signal?

Outdoor antennas get better results when searching for channels. However, if there’s a broadcast close to your house, you might opt for an indoor antenna.

  1. Are our satellite TV signals more precise than free-to-air signals? 

No. The signals from satellites are compressed, which makes them less clear.

  1. Is cord-cutting an illegal practice? 

No. It is not unlawful to use an antenna to pull free-to-air stations. What is illegal is watching things on websites that are not secure. 

Best Antennas For Cord Cutters

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