How to Restore Contacts from Verizon Cloud?

   Verizon Cloud is a service that provides safe cloud storage to sync and wirelessly back up information between your phone, computer, tablet, and other devices. Before you can use Verizon cloud to restore your contacts, you must first register and have an active account. You can either choose to open an account via the official website or the Verizon cloud mobile application. Let us see how to restore contacts from Verizon Cloud.

How to Restore Contacts from Verizon Cloud?


Verizon is one of the most reliable ways you can restore all contact information on your phone. Users can manage their contacts on the My Verizon website, or sort their contacts and prints from any of their official pages. If you appropriately set up your phone, whatever changes or updates you make on your phone will automatically affect your Verizon account. Verizon cloud can help you restore all your contact information if properly stored when your device gets missing or stolen.

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How to restore your contacts?

• Sign in to the Verizon cloud web using your account details

• Select the select all icon, click contacts, and press the sync button

•  Right from the Verizon cloud selection, select manage add-on

•  Select access Verizon cloud

•  Click restore from the how to access Verizon cloud page

•  Click contacts details from the device i.e. select your device

•  Select the appropriate contacts from the list of contact. If you are restoring all contacts, click on all

• Click on restore and all your Verizon cloud storage contacts will be restored to your device

You must download the Verizon Cloud app to your mobile device. The safest place to find and download is your device’s play store. The Verizon cloud application can also be downloaded for both your PC and Mac.

Verizon Cloud Mobile Application

After downloading the application, another important thing to be done is to set it up. If your mobile application is not properly set up, then you might be challenged with restoring your contacts. To begin the set-up, open the Verizon cloud application on your device, you should receive a notification prompt, kindly turn it on to get notified whenever there is updated information.

Select get started, fill in your password details for the particular device, and select sign in. after that, input the one-time PIN sent through your email and select next. A new page pops up where you have the option of checking the box for your most preferred content for backup, then tap next. Immediately after you are done with this, the backup starts and might take as long as 48 hours to complete depending on the volume of information that is backed up.

You can also follow these steps to set up your Verizon cloud app for other devices. Although they are not the same in terms of content but can be followed through to achieve the same result. There are no special steps to backing up other forms of content, you can use the same methods for all contents.

Can I back up my contacts or manually sync them?

Yes, you have the option of backing up your contacts and also syncing them. However, you must ensure you already have your contacts properly arranged before attempting to back up. You must first open the Verizon cloud mobile application, then select the sync icon at the top right corner of your screen. After completing this, your contact will be ready to sync.

You will need a good internet connection to sync your contacts. Nevertheless, a strong Wi-Fi connection might be a better choice for you. You can either choose to use your internet or Wi-Fi connection to sync contacts. Kindly check your backup settings to update accordingly.

Importing Contact List

Importing your contact list is another great benefit of using the Verizon Cloud.  Go to your Verizon contacts page in your Verizon account, select contacts, then use the imports Icon, select a file for imported contacts and open and select import. This will immediately upload your contact list to the Verizon Cloud.


The Verizon cloud storage is one of the most reliable places to store all your contact details as well as other important documents on your device. Doing this helps you keep your most important details for as long as possible without losing contact. Ensure you register on the page to enjoy their services. Enjoy the best of storage with Verizon Cloud storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I restore Verizon Cloud?

Yes, users have the opportunity of restoring every bit of information in their Verizon account. It is quite possible to get your application deleted or stop working, this does not mean your saved information will be lost. They can be restored. To do this, open the application, select the gear icon, click on tools, select content restore, select messages then click on Restore.

2. How can I access my old Verizon Cloud?

To access contents from your old Verizon cloud account, you must fill in your User ID that was initiated although the mobile number is still available with Verizon. If you can’t remember the details of your cloud account, select retrieve cloud credentials.

How to Restore Contacts from Verizon Cloud?

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