Lamar Jackson Vs Michael Vick -Know More

These two National Football League (NFL) players have constantly been compared to each other, like lions and tigers. Ever since Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson hit the limelight, the question “Jackson or Vick?” has been all over the place. Lamar Jackson and Micheal Vick are both NFL players, though the latter is retired. You won’t hear one of their names being mentioned without some comparison with the other. let'[s find out who is better among Lamar Jackson Vs Michael Vick.

Lamar Jackson Vs Michael Vick

The question “Lamar or Jackson?” runs through the mouth of every National Football League official, coach, and fan. The question started passing around when Lamar Jackson entered the game with the same fire as Michael Vick’s. The main deal is that everyone is starting to say that Lamar Jackson is even better than Micheal Vick ever was. 

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Lamar Jackson

Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr., born on January 7, 1997, is an American football quarterback. The quarterback currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens is 188cm in height (6 ft 2) and weighs 96kg (212 lbs). In his whole career, he has rushed for a total of 9967 yards and has had 84 touchdowns, and this is just the beginning. He has won various awards and recognition, including; NFL most valuable player 2019, Maxwell Award, Bert Bell Award, and lots more. He is said to have started with a model character. Very good for a famous quarterback. 

Michael Vick 

Micheal Dwayne Vick was also a quarterback who gave the name “quarterback” a grand change. He played for the Atlanta Falcons in 2001 and the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2009 season. Born on June 26, 1980, Micheal Vick is 183cm in height (6 ft) and weighs 95kg (210 lbs). He’s played for teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He later coached the Atlanta Legends in 2019. In his whole career, he has made 22464 yards and 133 touchdowns. He also got awards and recognitions (NFL comeback player of the year 2010, Bert Bell award, Big East rookie of the year 1999, and many others. 

Lamar Jackson vs Michael Vick 

Since Lamar Jackson was launched in the NFL, people have noticed the similarities between him and Micheal Vick and constantly compared them. But it seems that Jackson may have just started out better than Vick did. Here are some areas in which their names are mentioned in one drag.

  • Character 

Some NFL draft officials and contributors like Charlie Campbell say Micheal Vick began with terrible character and intangibles in contradiction to Lamar Jackson’s. It doesn’t help that Michael Vick got arrested after pleading guilty to being involved in a dogfighting ring. Jackson has got great ethics and says that Micheal Vick now offers him advice from time to time and that the latter was his hero as a new player. It is said now that Vick has had a change of character, which is better for him. 

  • Running 

Lamar Jackson and Michael Vick have both got outstanding running skills. They’ve both made a hundred yards a season, and Lamar Jackson has done so for two seasons straight in his young career. Michael Vick has an average of 7 yards per carry in his whole career, while Lamar Jackson has averaged 6 yards. 

  • Throwing arms

Micheal Vick had remarkable arm strength, which Lamar Jackson can’t beat. That isn’t to say Jackson doesn’t have a strong arm. Michael Vick is said to be able to throw off platforms that other quarterbacks can do after fixing their feet. 

  • Yards, touchdowns, and interceptions 

Lamar Jackson plays for the Baltimore Ravens. He led the team to the playoffs for the first time since 2014 and every year after that. In his first season, he threw for six touchdowns and three interceptions. In his second season, for 36 touchdowns and six interceptions. The fourth, for 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions. His fast legs rushed him for 695 yards in 2018, 1206 in 2019, and 1005 yards in 2020. Micheal Vick made two touchdowns and three interceptions in his first season, made 16 touchdowns and eight interceptions, and rushed for 777 yards next and 2touchdowns and three interceptions in his third. 


All evaluations show that Lamar Jackson is better than Micheal Vick ever was. He has broken Vick’s records for rising yards. Michael Vick, in his early career, had 2,142 yards and 20 touchdowns in 15 games, while Lamar Jackson, only just beginning, has had more than 3,000 yards. Jackson is said to be the most balanced player in the NFL so far. The comparison between the two might continue, though, unless a new player arises and beats the two. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is Michael Vick faster than Lamar Jackson?

Answer: He was. Though after working hard, Jackson now has the time of the fastest quarterback.

  1. Who has the strongest arm in NFL history?

Answer: Michael Vick, Jim Hart, John Elway, and a few others have the strongest arms in the NFL. 

  1. How far could Michael Vick throw?

Answer: The farthest we’ve seen him throw is 75 yards.

Lamar Jackson Vs Michael Vick -Know More

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