How Do I Add A Second Roku to my Account? Know More

Roku is one of the many widely used alternatives to cable TV. It offers top-notch entertainment. You can view your favorite channels and movies on Roku at a cheaper cost compared to Roku. To use the Roku streaming platform, you must have an account on Roku and a device that must be linked together. Let’s know more about how to Add A Second Roku to my Account.

Deciding on what to watch can be very tasking, this is why many people would like to add a second Roku device to their Roku account. It is possible to add a second device to your account. All you have to do is to follow some steps.

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Add A Second Roku to my Account

Steps To Link A Second Roku Device To Your Account

A Roku account can accept more than one Roku device. You must also know that you can’t add one Roku device to more than one account. Instead, it is the other way round. So how can you link another Roku to your account? Keep reading to find out.

Firstly, sign in to your Roku account and click on “‘link to a device”; you will find this option at the bottom of the home page. After that, move on to add your device to your TV. Using more than one device in the same place can cause buffering, this is why there is an important need for a stable Internet connection.

Once you are done linking your Roku to your TV, you may be asked to update it. Kindly do so, after the update is completed, your Roku will reboot. What follows next is that you will be asked to provide a code, click on submit after you’re done doing that. A system command might appear next asking you to pay. Just skip this stage if this happens, since you’ve already subscribed.

Now that you have done that, the next step is to select the channels that you want for your second Roku. Click on the “Continue” button to complete the process. Note that when selecting the channels that you want, only choose Netflix as this will make the process fast.

After following these steps, look for the “my account” option and click on it. To avoid difficulty while trying to find it, just look at the top of the page. In the “My linked devices” section, the serial number of your second Roku will be displayed there. This indicates that your Roku was successfully added.

Steps To Unlink A Roku Device From Your Account– Let’s See

You can remove a Roku device from your account by going to the official website on your mobile phone or laptop. Log in to your Roku account and select the “My account page” option. You will see the “My linked devices” option, under it is a list of all the devices which you have linked to the account. Proceed to select the account you want to be removed, then click on “unlink”. You have successfully unlinked this account immediately this action is confirmed.


You can only link a maximum of twenty devices to a Roku. If your number of devices exceeds the stated amount, you will have to create a second account.

The benefit of having one account to which all your Roku devices are linked is that you will be able to synchronize your customized settings, TV preferences, and passwords. Lastly, note that your internet connection must be stable, you may experience buffering if it is not. A better option would be to make use of an Ethernet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Is The Cost 0f A New Roku Account?

It doesn’t charge for creating a new account, if you experience otherwise then it must be that someone is trying to mislead you. You only have to pay Roku for its device and subscription plan but not its account. Feel free to either stick with just one account or you can create more than one depending on what suits you best.

2) Is It Possible To Use All My Roku Devices At The Same Time?

Of course, it is possible to watch media content simultaneously on your Roku devices. However, this depends on how strong your internet connection is. Your streaming experience on each of these devices will be based on how fast your internet connection is. Bear in mind that live streaming requires no small amount of data.

3) Is It Possible To Use One Roku Device For More Than One TV?

You cannot use one Roku device for more than one TV. If you have multiple TVs, then you will have to buy a separate Roku device for each of them.

4) How Do I Include A Channel In Just One Of Roku Devices?

If you have many Roku devices linked, you may want to add a specific channel to just one of the devices. However, this can not be done. This is because all your devices have been synchronized. If you add a channel or change a setting in a certain device, this change will subsequently reflect on all other devices.

How Do I Add A Second Roku to my Account? Know More

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