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Are you a car owner moving into Oklahoma? or you’re a resident of Oklahoma who’s thinking “hey, I need to get a car”, or do your parents intend to get you your first car for your 18th birthday? You need to be road worthy and have all the necessary documents to drive within and outside Oklahoma. The first document on the list is either a learner permit, driver’s license, or a driver’s education completion certificate. All of these documents require that you go through some series of tests before they are issued, one of which is the driving test. Let us know about Oklahoma driving test.

About the Oklahoma Driving Test

The Oklahoma driving test is an initiative of the Oklahoma Department of Public Service (DPS). It is a test that allows a potential road user to drive a vehicle under the supervision of an examiner. Here, your knowledge of driving is put to test. In the test, it is required of you to drive safely, taking into cognizance traffic rules. You will also be asked to demonstrate certain drive patterns. 

The Department of public service states that anyone who drives a car in Oklahoma, must have gone through a driving education course, or class, and taken several tests like the vision test, writing test, and drivel test. We’ll shed more light on the first two tests in later paragraphs. 

Applying for an Oklahoma Drive Test

To apply for a driving test, do the following: 

1. Go to www.ok.gov

2. Tap the menu button and select “appointments”. Under the appointment subsection, select  “drive test appointment”

3. Input the make or model of the vehicle you intend to take your test with. 

4. Input the color of the vehicle you intend to take your test with. 

5. Input your learner’s permit number, your driver’s license number, or your file number given to you after you passed your written test. 

6. Tap “next” and follow the prompts to book a day and time you’re convenient with for your drive test. 

If you have a driver’s license or learner permit from another state, booking a drive test appointment is quite different. From step 2 above, under the “appointments’ section, select “other appointments” and select “Out of State Transfer”. Follow the prompt to book your drive test appointment. 

You will not be charged any fee if you take your drive test from the Department of Public Safety. However, if you choose to take your test from a Designated Examiner, you will be charged a fee, depending on the Designated Examiner’s rate. 

After booking your drive test, if for some reason you intend to change the date, time or you need to reschedule, you can do that for no charge so long you’re doing this before one minute of your appointment. Also, your examiner is at liberty to reschedule your drive test appointment if he or she considers the examination route road path to be, dangerous owing to bad weather. The rescheduling will not cost a fee. 

Things to be done Before, During, and After Your Drive Test:

Sometimes it’s always best to prepare yourself before taking your drive test. You can’t tell what exactly you will meet behind the wheels on your scheduled day. We will walk you through a few things you can do before, during and after your drive test to guarantee success. 

Pre-Drive Test 

Before your drivIng test, make a checklist of the following tasks and ensure to all are checked:

1. Get a fully registered and insured vehicle, you will need the registration number and insurance papers when you are about to book your appointment. Also, ensure that your vehicle meets all the requirements as stated by Oklahoma 

2. Schedule your driving test appointment and make sure you have a licensed driver to go to the test with you. If you’re taking the test with a designated examiner, ensure to have made payment arrangements. 

3. Practice regularly with at least 10 hours of night practice before your appointment. 

4. Sit for your vision and written exam, pass them, and have your results ready alongside your certificate from a driving school. 

5. Have a primary or secondary means of verification. 

During The Test 

On the day of your test, you must try to drive lawfully and as safely as possible. The goal is to do this while following the examiner’s instruction who of course is seated next to you in the car. Do not break the law, drive dangerously, get into a collision, or ignore your examiner’s instructions. 

Your ability to accomplish maneuvers like parking, turns,  reversing, steady driving, pedestrian observation, and other driving ethics will be tested. 

After The Test 

After your test, the examiner will score you. If you pass, you will be given a document to that effect. If otherwise, you will be rescheduled by your examiner. After 3 failed attempts, you will have to wait 30 days to reattempt. 

Eligibility to Take a Drive Test:

1. Anyone who falls between the ages of 16 and above, can take a driving test. 

2. Persons seeking to acquire their learner’s permit, intermediate driver’s license, adult or unrestricted driver’s license. 

3. Persons who have sat for and passed their vision and written test. 

4. A car owner or someone with access to a fully registered vehicle. 


Driving in Oklahoma means you must get a learner permit or driver’s license. To do this, you need to pass your driving test. It’s nothing different from all you learned during your driving education or school. However, an examiner will be breathing instructions down your throat, if you drive carefully and lawfully, you‘ll be good. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a driving test in Oklahoma free?

Yes, it is if you take the test from your driving school or DPS. See the paragraphs above. 

2. How long does a driving test result takes to be out in Oklahoma? 

You’re scored and told immediately after your test. 

Oklahoma Driving Test – Know More

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