Does Oklahoma Accept E-Z Pass?

E-Z pass is a system used by customers to pay tolls. This comes under the ETC system, which stands for Electronic Toll Collection. We are here to know “Does Oklahoma Accept E-Z Pass?”.

Does Oklahoma Accept E-Z Pass?

As of now, the E-Z pass is accepted in around seventeen states in the United States, which unfortunately does not include Oklahoma. To be clear, Oklahoma does not accept an E-Z pass. Traditionally, we pay with cash at tolls, and this involves a lot of waiting. There will be a long line, and the cashier has to manually manage each transaction. 

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Tolls have now changed their systems, and these passes are much more efficient than paying by cash. The government has introduced ETC systems, and they have worked out great so far.

All About E-Passes

As tolls take a lot of time, with waiting in queues, stopping to pay, and looking for a change, governments worldwide have been switching to an online toll system. They believe that traffic will move faster like this, and there are great advantages that this system offers. 

Having an e-pass comes at a lower cost and less wastage of time. Those who use I-Pass or E-Z Pass get a 50% discount at tolls. You can travel across the country, without having to pay additional fines or fees. 

There are some suspected privacy concerns, but citizens do not have another feasible option here. Every state accepts different systems though, it is not uniform all over the country. 

In Oklahoma, the toll issued by the state is Pikepass. Unfortunately, Oklahoma does not accept E-Z pass. It is not compatible with any of the passes accepted in the state of Oklahoma. If you want to travel through Oklahoma, you will have to pay cash or you can register for a toll pass that is accepted there.

How does an E-pass work?

To pay with an e-pass, the customer will need to have enough balance in their account. While traveling, we go through a lot of tolls and this will reduce the balance quickly. You need to keep checking the balance and add money to your account as you pass by more tolls. 

To use this system, you will have to purchase a transponder. This is usually fixed on the windshield of the car. To protect it, you should place it on the inside of the windshield. 

As you go through the toll lane, the antenna placed in it will read the transponder fixed in your car. The transponder gets activated when the antenna recognizes it. As your account will be linked to the transponder, it can access your money and pay the required sum on your behalf. 

In a matter of seconds, the transaction will be completed. In the toll system, all details of your transaction such as date, time, the place will be recorded. Though there is no one to immediately monitor you, there will be cameras there. So, if someone tries to drive through without making a payment, they will be sent a violation notice.

Passes That Work In Oklahoma 

  • Pikepass 
  • Txtag 
  • K-tag
  • Tolltag
  • Eztag 

Passes That Do Not Work In Oklahoma 

  • E-Z Pass
  • I-Pass
  • Epass
  • Expresstoll
  • Fastrak
  • Go Pass
  • Good To Go 
  • Leeway 
  • Uni
  • Macpass
  • Palmetto Pass
  • Peach Pass
  • Quick Pass
  • River Link 
  • Trip tag
  • Sunpass
  • Tolltag

Steps To Get An Oklahoma PikePass 

  1. Visit the Pikepass website and set up your account. 
  2. There are different types of accounts for different people. For example, commuter account for families and individuals, and commercial accounts for businesses. 
  3. Figure out where you belong, and create your account accordingly
  4. After setting it up, you can then order a PikePass. 
  5. You will also have to get your transponder.
  6. Only one transponder should be attached to one vehicle. You will have to link the given transponder to the number of the vehicle you are using. 
  7. This was the main process. After this, you will have to routinely recharge your account as you travel. 
  8. Keep an eye out for when the transponder expires. 

Do I Have To Get Pikepass?

E-Z pass is one of the largest toll systems. As mentioned before, they are accepted in around seventeen states as of now. Unfortunately, Oklahoma is not one of them. 

So, if you want to comfortably travel through it, you will need to get either a Pikepass or any one of the compatible e-passes. If you get one, your Pikepass can also be used in Kansas and Texas. Also, keep in mind that Pikepass can get you some discounts or offers. 

You cannot avail of them if you pay by cash or the other e-passes that are accepted in Oklahoma. 


Oklahoma has a different toll system, unlike a lot of states. You can just pay with cash if you only need to visit it once or twice, but if you are a frequent visitor or live there, it is better to get a Pikepass. E-passes are very useful and efficient. It will save up some of your precious travel time and money, and who can say no to that? Happy Travelling!

Does Oklahoma Accept E-Z Pass?

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