How to reset my Verizon Quantum Router?

We are living in the 21st century now computers, smartphones, smartwatches, and the Internet are the need of the day. People are living in an advanced world and proceeding to the advanced future. As its name suggests, it “routes” traffic between gadgets and the Internet. A router is hence a critical piece of your home’s Internet. Because of it, your PC, laptop, cell phone, smart TV, and different devices can interface with your home Wi-Fi. Let’s find out how to reset my Verizon Quantum router.

reset my Verizon Quantum Router

The Verizon Quantum router allows you to send and convey advanced diversion and data to various devices in your home or office. It can uphold links, or Wi-Fi, by supporting networking using cables making it one of the most adaptable and powerful door routers available on the market. Its users must know how to set it and how reset it when they need to. So, if you are searching for some guidance about the process of how to reset it, here’s the complete information about the resetting of the Verizon router. 

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Resetting your Verizon quantum router is somehow an easy process. If you want to reset your router, simply you’ll first have to find the reset button on the back side of the router. With the switch, on, utilize the sharp finish of a paperclip or sim card pin to press and hold the Reset button for 15 to 20 seconds. Sit tight for the router to completely reset and power back on. In this way, the router’s default settings will be restored. You can also reset your router through the admin login process but to follow this process you have to visit a site. 

Let us discuss the methods to reset the router step by step in detail so that you can easily understand the whole process. 

Method #1

  • Manual Resetting Method

In this method, you can reset your Verizon quantum router physically with the reset button you can easily find on the router itself. Have a look at the following steps to reset the router 

  • Make sure that the router is powered on and activated. 
  • Find the reset button on the router. 
  • The reset button is not simple. It is concealed and not a regular one that is easily shown. 
  • You have to press and hold this button for about 15 to 20 seconds or until the light goes off. 
  • As it is a buried button, you can use a paperclip or sim card pin to press it. 
  • When the light turns off, release the reset button. 
  • Wait for the router to completely reset and then turn it on.

This is how one can easily reset the Verizon quantum router manually. 

Method #2

  • Admin Login Method 

Now, let’s move to the second method of resetting the Verizon quantum router which is the admin login method. Follow the process step by step as discussed below 

  • To start, access your router’s address. You can have it by typing in website. 
  • Here you have to enter your admin login name and password. 
  • Once you have logged in, click the advanced tab option then click Utilities, and then hit the restore factory default. 
  • Once you are sure of your decision, select the restore configuration option. 
  • After this, your Verizon quantum router will reboot and reset automatically and you just have to wait to reinitialize it. 

After resetting your router, you will have a refreshed router with all the problems and dilemmas gone. 

Why reset your Verizon quantum router? 

Likened to different gadgets, your routers could likewise ignite up some issues here and there. At the point when it happens don’t worry. As a rule, a reset could be the distinction between a functioning router and a failing one. Some of the mishaps that can need resetting of router are as follows 

  • The router may crash or freeze due to some bugs in the firmware. 
  • Maybe some devices are impotent to connect to the router. 
  • Conflicts and problems regarding IP address. 
  • The router may be caused due to a drop in the Internet connection. 

Many people consider that these problems can be solved by rebooting the router but some of the dilemmas end by restarting the router. 

After resetting router

You should know that after resetting your Verizon quantum router, you will have a refreshed router with all new settings because it will remove all custom settings. Username and password will be reset to default settings. Wi-Fi settings will also be removed. So after resetting you will have to reconfigure your router for all the devices to connect with it again. 


Everyone in the world is connected through the Internet and Social media. Hopefully, our article will help you with all your quarries about resetting your Verizon quantum router. We try to make the whole process simple and understandable for you. We give all the possible information about how you can reset your Verizon quantum router in this article. We also sum up the setting issues you can face after resetting the router. 

  • Will I still have the Internet, if I reset my router? 

When you reset your router, you will lose the Internet temporarily but after reconfiguring the router, you will be back online. 

  • How many devices can I connect with my router? 

Different routers have different limits of devices to connect. Verizon quantum router has a limit of 16 devices. 

How to reset my Verizon Quantum Router?

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