Sky Box Not Responding To Remote

Worried about what has happened to your sky box? Well. It’s not a thing to be worried about. It is a common phenomenon when the remote doesn’t respond to the sky box. But you are not able to diagnose the problem and going to call an engineer, what if you can fix it up by yourself. Want to know how, follow this guide with the steps mentioned in the article to know the main problem. Let us know more ‘Sky Box Not Responding To Remote’.

Sky Box Not Responding To Remote

Yes, you heard it right you can fix it up yourself! Let’s see how:

What are the common Reasons for Remote not Responding to Sky Box?

 The common reasons for the issue are as follows:

  • Unhealthy Batteries
  • Unpaired Remote
  • Hardware issue
  • System got hanged
  • Technical glitch

Usually, it’s the dead batteries that can cause this problem.

It is of utmost importance for any technical device to have enough battery in it. So, first, check the health of the batteries, if they are fine then your remote must be unpaired or it can have any hardware problems. If none of this works, leave the system for 3-5 minutes, sometimes, the system gets hanged, so wait for five minutes to get it fixed by itself.

What to Do if Problem still Appears?

If facing the same problem, follow these steps

Step 1:

Check if there are any pressed buttons left in your remote or if the power buttons are functioning properly or not by assuring that by clicking buttons, the light is flashing on the box. If none happens then do check the batteries again. Change the batteries and then try again.

Step 2:

Try switching the box on using the buttons on the Sky box, as opposed to using the remote control. This may help and your system would get back in place to work properly.

Step 3:

It’s critical to determine whether the issue is with the Sky box or the remote control. If the remote is in a healthy state then the set-up box may have got some issues. To determine if the set-up is what needs to be replaced. Press the standby button and check if the light is changing its color or not. If it is your sky box is completely fine. But the remote is not responding


Restart your box again and restart the system. Unplug the box, check if all the wires are in a proper place, further, plug the box again and wait for 30 seconds to get it restarted. There are occasions when turning on and off again solves a software issue. If the issue is with the box and a restart doesn’t resolve it, there can be a fault with the device. Perhaps you should give Sky Customer Services a call.


If the setup is not yet responding, do check the card is inserted correctly or take it out clean it and then insert it right. Do assure if that card is inserted in the right direction and position and is not half inserted and half out. These steps can help you in diagnosing the problem and fixing up the problem in your home by yourself.

Why Sky Box is Not Responding After Following the Steps?

Hope, any of the steps mentioned above help, if not, then don’t panic! Probably the box has developed a hardware issue for which you need to contact a company person to help you or any local engineer in this case.

How to book an engineer at your home?

To book an engineer or a person from a company to solve the problem. Communicate the issue to the engineer and ask about the cause so that you can fix it yourself next time without the help of an engineer. Ask him to check the health of both the sky box and remote.


  • What to do, if the remote does not responding on sky box?

Check the batteries and replace them if needed. To know the health, see if pressing the buttons causes flashes on the sky box. If not, change the batteries.

  • How to check the health of the sky box?

See if the flashlight appears on the sky box after starting the system. Also, click its buttons in the sky box to change channels and see if the system is healthily working.  

  • How to book an appointment with Sky Engineer?

Book an appointment by visiting the company’s portal or call customer care to get the services of the company. You can also contact the number given in the manual book of the company that consumers receive at the time of installation.

  • Why is the remote not responding?

Sometimes, technical glitches can be a reason for the improper functioning of the sky box.

  • How to fix the stuck button in the remote?

By holding button for 10 seconds can help, or use a sharp tool to fix a stuck button in the remote.

Sky Box Not Responding To Remote

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