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Sleep Number, headquartered in Minnesota, is a well-known Comfortaire bed and bedding maker. In addition, the firm produces accessories. Let us know about “Sleep Number Return Policy”

Sleep Number Return Policy

Do you have problems with the bedding and other items you bought? Do you want to know how to return items like pillows? Or are you interested in learning more about the sleep number bed warranty? If you’re looking for answers to any of these or other issues, we’re here to help, and we’ll go over everything in our post.

Sleep Number’s 100-Night Trial Policy

The return policy for Sleep Number is somewhat unique. You have 100 days to try the mattress before returning it.

The company recognizes that it may take up to 30 days for your body to acclimate to the new mattress, after which you can choose which mattress is best for you.

Details are provided below to ensure that you completely comprehend everything.

How To Return Sleep Number Items?

To return any of the firm’s items, you must first obtain consent from company officials, and only then will you be authorized to do so.

If you want a complete refund, you must submit the original goods in their original packing.

Return To A Store

When returning various items, keep the following points in mind to ensure that you have no problems throughout the return process.

1. The item should be brand new.

2. You cannot ship things back to the firm without first obtaining return authorization.

3. You should take note of the company’s various items and their return procedures and return accordingly.

You should know that, except for the DualTempTM layer, you cannot return any of the firm’s items to the company by visiting a retail store.

1. Look for the shop locator on the company’s website.

2. Visit the reception desk and request a product change.

3. Company staff will assist you further.

4. The DualTempTM layer may only be returned to a retail outlet.

5. You will receive a refund for the original method of payment.

Return By Contacting Customer Service

Most of the company’s items require authorization, which may be obtained by contacting customer service, and you will only be allowed to ship the products after receiving the necessary authorization.

To return using this technique, follow the procedures outlined below:

1. First, seek a customer service number.

2. Contact a corporate executive at the number

3. Following that, you must describe any issues with the product.

4. They will permit you to return.

5. After the procedure, you will be given a prepaid label.

6. Then, attach the return label and mail it to your preferred carrier.

7. You can also drop off your return at any UPS-authorized shipping location.

Return Policy For Various Sleep Number Products

The company is known for its 100-day trial policy, which allows you to try out a mattress or bed for 100 days before returning it within a certain time frame. On the other hand, you will be responsible for returning the product, and the business will not be responsible for any return/delivery expenses.

Sleep Number Bed Warranty

The warranties on Sleep Number’s various products vary. A one-year, a fifteen-year, and a ten-year warranty are all available from the firm.


Do you know that Sleep Number is a very technologically intensive company with 23 patents granted and 40 international patents issued or pending for its products?

We assume that all your questions have been answered and that you have a good grasp of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you disassemble a Sleep Number bed?

Place the Sleep Bed Mattress flat and unzip the mattress to disassemble it. You’ll see two zippers, but only the bottom one under the mattress’s edge has to be unzipped. Pulling in the grey tab on the side of the bed can take the hose out of the mattress. Transfer to the opposite side of the bed and repeat the procedure.

2. What happens when Sleep Number beds are returned?

Sleep Number will credit your original payment method after they have accepted your return request and received the goods. Within 21 days, the funds will be deposited into your bank or credit card account.

3. How can I get rid of a Sleep Number bed?

To loosen the two inner legs at the top of the bed:

1. Turn them counterclockwise, but do not entirely remove them.

2. Remove the bed straps before replacing the legs.

3. At the foot of the bed, repeat the process.

4. Why is my Sleep Number bed so hot?

Sleeping too hot indicates that your mattress is doing its job and providing adequate support! When you sleep on a Sleep Number mattress, your body is in contact with more of the mattress than it would be if you slept on an innerspring mattress.

Sleep Number Return Policy -Know More

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