How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?- Know More

Tim Hortons is one of the largest coffee and cafe chains in North America, especially in Canada, mainly in Toronto. They are fondly known as Tim’s or Timmies. They are known for their quick services, coffee, donuts, and obviously, delicious fast food items. They have branches in 15 different countries and almost 4,949 stores as of 2022. They plan to expand even more because their customers love what they do. Like any other popular store or chain of stores, Tim Hortons has a scheme of earning and redeeming points per purchase. In this article, we will see about ‘How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?’.

How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?

How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?

Hortons redeem points. The main requirement is to have the Tim Hortons app. The account will keep track of the points earned with every purchase. In addition, the purchases made in stores will require your account details so that they can add the points there.

Redeeming The Points At Tim Hortons

This means that every time something is purchased at Tim Hortons, the customer will earn some points. To earn points, the purchase of more than $0.50 without taxes or before the calculation of the taxes should be made. For each purchase, one can earn up to 10 points.

The question arises when one does not know how to keep track of those points and how to redeem them. Redeeming the points can result in a large discount or even free items. For that, one must have an account in the Tim Hortons app. Here is what should be done.

Step 1: Search for the Tim Hortons app in an app store or play store and download it.

Step 2: Install the app and create an account.

Step 3: Connect the Tim Hortons rewards card. This card is required to store points and for future redeems. 

Step 4: To redeem one must visit their nearest Tim Hortons and select their items or select from the options given online if an online purchase is made. 

Some people are not tech-savvy. They need to go to a store to purchase items, physically. Tim Hortons has been trying to reduce the usage of cards because they are plastic. Thus, one needs to have an app to keep track of their points and for the redemption of those earned points. 

Maximum Number Of Points One Can Acquire And Store

To date, many have asked this question because many are unsure of the fact whether they will be able to keep track of the points properly and whether they will be able to spend them rightfully. However, to answer the question, one can have a maximum of 20,000 points in their account. This is almost impossible to earn because then one has to make very frequent purchases with expensive billings. This will be unhealthy, at least. 

The Expiration Date Of The Points

This question is asked because of similar reasons again. To answer this question, the points last up to 12 months or a year. After that, they are lost or expired. Therefore, it is better to spend the points or redeem them once they have been accumulated enough. The points can be used up easily online, in their app. 

Requirements For Redemption

The only requirements for redemption of points are purchases above $0.50 excluding the taxes or before taxes are calculated and added, and having the Tim Hortons app. A card might or might not be a requirement since they are moving everything digital. 

The redemptions happen based on the purchases that one makes. There are options given for additional items which can be acquired in exchange for the points. It happens both online, in the app, and in offline, in the store. However, one has to keep in mind that the points are for the additional items. 

The Tim Hortons points are quite an attractive strategy for people to make larger purchases and multiple times so that they can increase their points. It can be said that the points are beneficial both for the business and the customers. Overall, it is lucrative that some of the best items can be availed for free, but the downside is the multiple purchases and only one redemption item per purchase.

Redeeming During The Redemption Of Existing Points

Redeem points can be earned while redemption of existing redeem points. The condition is the same- purchases of more than $0.50. One can even purchase multiple items by redeeming the redeem points with multiple purchases. Only one item per purchase is allowed while redeeming points.

Therefore, per purchase one makes, they are allowed to add only one item from the options offered while one makes a purchase of other things. Therefore, with multiple purchases, one free item or item through the redeem points can be and will be added. Therefore, each purchase will get at least 10 redeem points and a free product, that is, a product earned by redemption of the points.

The availability of products depends on the number of points acquired by an individual. The points can be used on cold drinks, pastries, donuts, and of course, the popular Tim Hortons coffee. Therefore, the more the redeem points, the better the options of getting one’s favorite item of food for free. 

One can redeem these points over a location as of now, and they can be also used in online purchases as well. One has to keep an eye on their app to keep track of the redeem points one has acquired so far. The points automatically expire once they cross the threshold of 12 month time period. 


Now we have learnt ‘How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?’, Therefore, to sum up, all the elaborate descriptions about the most asked about the Tim Particular options in the redemption category require a particular number of points without which one cannot add the product for free. To avail of multiple products for free, multiple purchases are to be made and while redeeming the points in those purchases, one can simultaneously earn 10 points per $0.50, excluding the taxes. The points are available for 12 months after which they will expire automatically.

How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?- Know More

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