Does Sephora Give Free Stuff To Employees?

Sephora is a multinational retailer of beauty and skincare products. This French-based retail store features 340 brands that provide products including fragrance, body, nails, cosmetics, beauty tools, and haircare. They even have their private label, Sephora Collection as well. There are 430 Sephora stores located in North America. The four states of Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah have distribution centers with more than 1,600 employees. At times, while arriving to work and you see a surprise gift box on your desk, this is possible if it is Sephora. So, Does Sephora Give Free Stuff To Employees?

Does Sephora Give Free Stuff To Employees?

Yes, Sephora gives out freebies to employees as this helps the Sephora employees understand the nature and type of the product and whether it is suitable for a particular skin type. Sephora believes to give every customer the best service. When employees are well aware of the usage of a product, it is easy for them to make suggestions to their customers. They don’t do this officially, as this takes place under the training sessions taken by the company. The products that Sephora employees receive usually depend on which department they are working in. An employee who works in skincare will receive skincare products, and those who work in color will receive such gifts. Their employees receive training whenever they receive any new product. There are many benefits to working at Sephora. The Sephora employees get hefty discounts on high-end products. Once a year, Sephora employees can extend their offers to a family member or friend. What is Gratis in Sephora? Read further to know.

What is Gratis?

In Latin, Gratis means “favor.” However, in Spanish, the word Gratis means recompensation or service without any charge. Sephora employees usually get gratis every month. You need to work hard to receive more from the company. If a new brand comes to your store or a brand will also get gratis for training Sephora employees. They even get a gratis package for a new store opening. Though, you get the products depending on where you work. To retrieve your Gratis, the employees need to log on to a computer and submit your order. The beauty team will inform you when to place your order. 

How do I get more products?

Though, Sephora employees do not give free stuffs as their for employment benefits. They can even claim the unsold products or merchandise as they can’t be sold again. Sephora employees receive gifts from time to time. According to Glassdoor, a website, Sephora has 3.8 stars ratings from former employees. Many unsold products are usually discarded. Some customers return their products. And returned products are used, so the company can’t sell them again. Thus, Sephora employees are free to claim these products.

What other benefits do Sephora employees receive?

Apart from monthly gratis and training sessions, Sephora employees receive many benefits. They receive discounts as no one can imagine. These employees get 40% flat on Sephora Collection and 20% off on other brands. They provide career development and encourage you to continue your education through Sephora University. “Sephora Loves Perk Program” gives discounts on 850 brands for services like entertainment, gym, pet insurance, restaurants, cell phones, travel, and so forth. This company prioritizes insurance, health, and wellness. Sephora provides a retirement plan for former employees, with maternity and paternity leave and the Employee Assistance Program. 

What kind of job opportunities are available in Sephora?

There are many job opportunities available at Sephora, Retail jobs, Digital, Distribution centers, Business operations, Finance, Marketing, Merchandising, HR and education, and Technology. You can apply for the positions like Beauty Advisor, Beauty Consultant, Sales Consultant, Merchandise Coordinator, Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, Cosmetician, Cashier, Sales Associate, Cash Manager, and others matching your job profile.


Sephora is an international retail chain that provides the best service to its customers but also gives many benefits to its employees. This beauty company gifts its employees regularly. The gifts received are termed Gratis. With a chance of massive discounts and offers. Annually, an employee can gift these offers to a family member or friend. The Sephora employees get training sessions and directions to use a particular product. Aside from insurance and Sephora Loves Perks Program, Sephora employees can also claim the returned products and use various products right from nails to the foundation for achieving a professional look. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Do Sephora employees receive a monthly bonus?

It is a high-paying retail job that provides education and training. Sephora employees receive Gratis gifts every month to try out a particular brand. An employee’s monthly bonus also depends on the work employee does. 

  • Can customers get free stuff from Sephora?

Yes, be a “Beauty Insider” you can join this program for free, which rewards you with free makeovers, birthday gifts, free beauty classes, free Sephora samples, beauty services, and more.

Does Sephora Give Free Stuff To Employees?

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