Why Am I Not Getting Shipt Orders?


When Shipt orders don’t arrive, it might be annoying. You could be wondering what you’re doing wrong or what you could do to increase your chances of receiving an order. In this article, we’ll look at several potential causes for your failure to get orders and provide advice on how to improve your chances of being chosen for delivery.

Why Am I Not Getting Shipt Orders?

Why Am I Not Getting Shipt Orders?

It’s conceivable that your poor Shipt rating is keeping customers away from you. Your average customer rating, the number of cancellations or no-shows, and the timing of your deliveries are all elements that go into determining your rating.

If you want to raise your rating, be sure to deliver packages on schedule, communicate with clients, and refrain from canceling orders. If you need assistance or have issues, you can also get in touch with the Shipt customer care staff.

There are a few possible reasons why you may not be getting orders:

1. You avoid being online during busy periods

Orders are more likely to be placed by customers who are online and available during busy periods. Peak hours differ by location, although they are often early in the morning, late at night, and on weekends. Try to be online during these hours to enhance your chances of receiving an order.

2. You receive few acceptances

Your acceptance rate will drop if you’ve had too many orders refused. You are now less likely to be chosen for orders in the future. Make sure you only accept requests you are confident in your ability to accomplish to boost your acceptance rate.

3. Your rating is poor

Client reviews determine your rating and how frequently you successfully finished orders. It’s less probable that future orders will be placed with you if you have a poor rating. Make sure you constantly offer top-notch customer service and deliver items on schedule if you want to raise your rating.

4. You are not in a high-demand location

You could face less competition and have a higher chance of being chosen for orders if you live in a location where few people use Shipt. The competition may be greater, and it can be more difficult to get chosen if you live in a high-demand location.

5. You lack a vehicle

To finish deliveries, Shipt consumers must have their vehicles. Without a car, you won’t be able to finish orders and won’t be chosen for further work in the future.

Why Isn’t Shipt Taking More Orders?

There might be a few reasons you’ve signed up to be a Shipt driver but aren’t obtaining consistent employment through the app.

If your rating falls below a particular level, Shipt will send you fewer orders. If you miss delivery or decline offers, this is worsened. If there are a lot of other Shipt drivers in your neighborhood, you’ll probably get fewer orders.

The offerings are more-or-less first come, first served, much like with other contracted apps like UberEats and DoorDash. Offers may dry up if more drivers in your region than clients. You can lessen this by traveling in various places or during times when traffic is heavy.

Of course, maintaining a high rating and acceptance rate is the greatest method to acquire additional offers through Shipt.

Customers who give you a low rating (for example, because of broken items) will receive fewer offers. In the next part, we’ll explore how to acquire the most offers possible.

How To Get More Shipt Orders?

Shipt’s website is chock-full of tools and information on how the app works and how drivers can expand their companies and the company as a whole.

Maintaining a high rating and accepting as many offers as possible while on shift will help you get more Shipt orders. Obtaining poor customer ratings and repeatedly dismissing offers can reduce your chances of receiving offers.

Whether or not offers are available in the first place is also determined by supply and demand. If you only drive when there are hundreds of other drivers in your neighborhood, you’re not going to receive many offers. Similarly, you will receive fewer offers if fewer consumers are ordering during your shift. Finding a supply-and-demand balance is crucial.

The optimal time to work for Shipt will vary depending on where you live. However, no matter where you are, some tendencies are very persistent. Because Sunday is the most popular day for people to go shopping, it is busier than other days of the week.

How Do Ships Decide Who Gets An Order?

Customers and drivers alike benefit from the Shipt ordering procedure. To get the most out of Shipt, you must first understand how the company chooses drivers for orders.

The delivery window and zone are assigned to local drivers when a consumer places an order. These drivers are subjected to various ‘filters’ to select the best one for the job. After that, the offer is made to that particular driver.

The filters consider factors such as the driver’s rating and prior history. You will be given fewer tasks through the app if you receive negative consumer feedback or if you consistently decline opportunities. If you want to obtain the most offers, you must deliver on schedule and in good condition and accept as many offers as feasible.


If you enjoy shopping and having complete control over your schedule, a shift is a perfect job for you. To make the most money, you must make regular and efficient deliveries.

If you want to get more orders through Shipt, keep your acceptance rate high and ensure you’re always available to deliver products when on shift. It’s also crucial to strike a healthy supply-and-demand balance so that you can work while orders are rolling in.

Why Am I Not Getting Shipt Orders?

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